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  • Tylnorton 4 years ago

    What does WWE have to do with this? lol

  • Julio Cezar Kronbauer 4 years ago

    #NASCAR 2013 Sprint Cup at Richmond Final Laps http://youtu.be/q86Mdzf_08M

  • Darren Chen 4 years ago

    Well good news for Newman. He’s in the chase. MWR got big penalties because
    they found out that bowyer and vickers were trying to help truex get into
    the chase.

  • whb1965 4 years ago

    u would think dale duh Jarrett would know this too, but sadly, he forgot.
    if the leader slows after the restart box, its on the flagman. the leader
    is no longer the leader.. he is fair game. that’s according to the rules..

  • ftghb 4 years ago

    the rules are clear. 1) The leader has to begin acceleration within the
    restart box. Menard did that. Check. 2) the leader has to be first one to
    start/finish line. That didn’t happen. Seriously, they spent like a week
    clarifying this rule after jimmie johnson was blackflagged for passing

  • teresa dampier 4 years ago

    Even Dale Jarrett said he was questioning Carl winning the race. He clearly
    should have been black flagged. Hopefully Nascar will do the right thing
    this time.

  • whb1965 4 years ago

    it DOES MATTER. jj restarted before the box.. it has nothing to do with
    start finish except he cannot pass the first place car before start
    finish.. if the leader does not go inside the box, then the flagman will
    start the race, and the leader is fair game at that point..if the leader
    does not maintain pace, its a mute point..jimmie passed up Montoya before
    the restart box. carl did nothing wrong..

  • catfishredneck88 4 years ago

    tony stewart is a crying bitch. denny hamblin won after knee surgery. tony
    is in the pits like a hurt little girl. tonys a crying cunt who whines
    about tires gas or anything he can when he looses.

  • Clint Walker 4 years ago

    Bud I’ve been watching NASCAR for 40 years, I was at a race in Dover that
    Tim Richmond wrecked. It’s always been the rule that the leader of the race
    has to cross the start/finish line first on re-starts. Why did they
    penalize Jimmie Johnson earlier in the year? Pause the vid at :16, the pics
    don’t lie.

  • whb1965 4 years ago

    so right u are..

  • Adam Bonner 4 years ago

    All this controversy and my favorite driver (Kurt Busch) wasn’t involved. A
    great night and a great season for FRR.

  • Stephen Walker 4 years ago

    So Carl Edwards blatantly cheated as did Bowyer – here’s hoping JJ wins
    title number 6, if not I’d love to see Kyle win it.

  • Superbdrivemate 4 years ago

    Every time I watch the replay I see the 27 going before the 99, then
    spinning the tires and hitting the 99.

  • darien taylor 4 years ago

    he makes the chase if brian Vickers doesn’t slow clint bowyer doesn’t
    decide to do a pass through and if joey logano starts at the tail end of
    the field like wavearound cars are supposed to.

  • Superbdrivemate 4 years ago

    48 went before the 42 though, so you can’t compare them.

  • Earthsound03 4 years ago

    i he spun them his whole line wouldve been backed up and there would have
    been alot of contact.there wasnt even any contact in the first 5 of his row

  • backrubs62 4 years ago

    rules state you must give back the lead if you get to the start/finish line
    before the leader

  • sfkeeyan 4 years ago

    Listen at 1:33. Listen how slow Clint is going

  • catfishredneck88 4 years ago

    they did. menard sucks spun carl was fast and won. and they did the right
    thing. gave carl a checkers BITCH!

  • xJohnx228x 4 years ago

    Carl didn’t get penalized because Menard made contact with him before the
    line so the “beating to the line” rule doesnt apply.

  • Motorsports4L1fe 4 years ago

    Man most of you must be new to NASCAR they’ve been making fucked up calls
    like this for 20 years come on. Stop acting shocked already as pissed off
    as you might be.

  • Alana Clark 4 years ago

    Always love the flip Carl!!!

  • MrHondatech13 4 years ago

    Go kahne and jr..

  • slugbug55 4 years ago

    He sure did when he beat Montoya to the line. A similar thing happened in
    Friday’s Nationwide race when Keselowski jumped a restart and wasn’t

  • whb1965 4 years ago

    fat boy stewart loves the rules when they role his way.