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    If we used the 2011 points from 2004-2011 the champions would have probably
    2004-Jeff Gordon (5) (He was way more consistent than Kurt and Jimmie,
    would have been close, but not enough.)
    2005-Greg Biffle (More consistent than Tony, plus Tony didn’t have a great
    Homestead race and Biffle won which would have handed Biffle the title by
    only a few points.)
    2006-Matt Kenseth (Johnson wrecked the first two races of the Chase which
    would have ended those chances, would have been Kenseth vs. Burton for the
    title with Kenseth getting it.)
    2007-Jeff Gordon (6) (The Bank of America 500 would have been the decider,
    Gordon dominated it and won and Johnson had struggles. The gap would have
    just been to much for Jimmie to overcome, even though he won 4 of the last
    5 races, Gordon finished in the top 10 each time, so he wouldn’t gained
    many points and ultimately would have just run out of time. Would have been
    very close though.)
    2008-Carl Edwards (Pretty much the same thing as 2005, Edwards won the last
    race, Johnson finished 14th, and just would not have been enough to get it.)
    2009-Jeff Gordon (7) (Gordon was much more consistent than Jimmie and Mark,
    plus Jimmie’s wreck at Texas would have killed his chances and Mark just
    fell off at the end, sealing a record tying 7th title for Gordon and
    becoming the second driver with Matt Kenseth to win the title with just one
    season win.)
    2010-Jimmie Johnson (Denny’s Homestead struggles would have ended his
    chances, and Kevin just couldn’t run with Jimmie at the end so Johnson
    would finally get his first title.)
    So Greg Biffle would be the only driver to win a title in all three of
    NASCAR’s top series (Trucks, Nationwide and Cup.) Jeff Gordon would be
    looking for a record 8th Championship, Matt Kenseth would be at 2, Carl
    Edwards would have a title, and Jimmie Johnson would only have 2 instead of

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    I really hate all the negative comments you guys and girls.

  • Arsenic_XoDus 4 years ago

    :( another disappointing end to the season with johnson winning. kenseth is
    way better than johnson kenseth deserves the championship 

  • michael charlton 4 years ago

    stop crying,your driver had the same chance as j j,i like 88,not this
    time,,old 6 pack did it again,there always next year,

  • SpaceFerrari248 4 years ago

    HELL YESSS!!!!!

  • Damdni482 4 years ago

    How can anybody think Brian France be giving Jimmie the Championship? If he
    was giving the championship to anybody, I’m 99.99% sure it would be Dale
    Jr. And second of all, Jimmie has now won in 3, I say, 3, generations of
    race cars, so how could Brian be giving it to Johnson in any way?

  • DeerNation101 4 years ago

    Glad that Denny won the race, but mad that Jimmie won the championship. 

  • ShredderCraft 4 years ago

    I’m gonna go watch videos of Jimmie wrecking to cheer me up

  • IcyKcominyourway 4 years ago

    Excellent season in 2013, certainly ranks as one of the best i’ve been
    apart of, happy for Jimmie and that entire 48 team on a much deserved 6th
    Sprint Cup Championship. This is the sports dynasty of this era in my book.
    Donovan McNabb don’t know shit, Jimmie is a true athlete and is as I said
    marking his place in history. He is in his prime and will continue to do so
    for awhile. We are witnessing greatness. As a 48 fan, i’m ready to
    celebrate then see Jimmie and the rest of Hendrick Motorsports mount a
    charge in 2014.

  • J thurm 4 years ago

    SUCk for the redneck haters.6 championship GO 48# sucks IT

  • BackRowRacing98 4 years ago

    This year you can’t make the Chase excuse because he pretty much dominated
    the whole year. I can’t hate Johnson. He had an awesome year and probably
    deserved it much more than Kenseth, who while had a good year for his first
    year at Gibbs, he was a bit inconsistant. 

  • remaster1981 4 years ago

    Well i guess now everyone knows what you have to do in order to win 6
    titles in 8 years. What is that you ask? Simple…you cheat your way to

  • Hayden Conner 4 years ago

    Paint it red or green 

  • Joshua Hodgeson 4 years ago

    somebody told me dale jr said something about screw twitter am I correct?

  • Mason Mckenzie 4 years ago

    Yet again i have to suck it up and congratulate JJ. Good season bud

  • HaloSprintRacing . 4 years ago

    Hell yeah, I witnessed this. Y’all haters can cry to mommy cause no one
    gives a shit

  • Marco Flores 4 years ago

    In your face haters!

  • Beast X-man 4 years ago

    Hopefully Dale Jr will win the championship next year but I’m still proud
    of Jimmie Johnson

  • Eric B 4 years ago

    Jimmie Johnson Nationwide (Busch series) stats in 2000. 31 starts, 0 WINS,
    0 TOP 5′s, 0 POLES, 6141 Laps completed, 2 LAPS LED. And that folks was in
    a decent car. Think of an average nationwide driver, Regan Smith? Parker
    Kligerman? All did better then JJ in the same equipment. All of a sudden he
    gets in the 48 and he’s better then Jeff Gordon, it’s almost become

  • M Hossain 4 years ago

    Some people dont know Johnson is cheating!!!! -_-

  • Marcus Sundström 4 years ago

    He is like the Sebastian Vettel of Nascar. He is also hated by some for
    winning everything…