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  • irou95 4 years ago

    If NASCAR was more like this, with “real” racetracks. i would follow it :)
    -guy from europe

  • Dean Paul 4 years ago

    Only IDIOTS argue on youtub.

  • Randall Wade Payne 4 years ago

    Cool race!!

  • Chris Kouyoumjan 4 years ago

    Im an American. Nascar needs real race tracks like this to be interesting.
    The standard oval track is so boring. You just drive left the entire
    course. You can clearly see having to turn right on these courses really is
    a challenge for these guys!! Make nascar on real tracks!

  • batman181952 4 years ago

    Evrybody hates Kyle just becase he spurns somebody out in the truck siers i
    mean peple Kylie’s awsome

  • batman181952 4 years ago

    Jeff Gordon: on to next week

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    If you want to have a private conversation, please unlock contacts only.

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

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  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    Well excuse me I wasn’t an inbread child. I was a cesarean section baby. I
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  • xXEmoCore97xX 4 years ago

    That still doesn’t say anything about how you are not inbread.

  • xXEmoCore97xX 4 years ago

    The cousin fucker is what you are. Didn’t you uncle dad tell you that. You
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  • xXEmoCore97xX 4 years ago

    Well lets see, I think that I have a life and I am in the precess of going
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    everyday about someone like you then I am sorry.

  • David Farr 4 years ago

    hahahahahaha he had to lick his wounds and evaluate himself first.

  • xXEmoCore97xX 4 years ago

    Yes, if you would really look, you would see that that people are smart and
    not just cousin fuckers.

  • xXEmoCore97xX 4 years ago

    Thank you. f you are trying to offend me you need to do better. I really do
    not care what you think of me or my name.

  • brendan goforth 4 years ago

    good finish by Johnson

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    Wait a second, did you just imply that you fuck your own cousins?

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    Im sorry I just thought you emo faggots wanted your life to end. Or just be
    attention whores. Either way, what do you concur are cousin fuckers?

  • nascardenny11 4 years ago

    I don’t understand. All he said was that Kyle Busch did a good job on his
    win… Why hate on his name, it really shows how weak your comments must
    be. If you are trying to create fights, just stop.

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    I didn’t know your kind wanted to succeed in life.

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    …or keep shit to yourself moral preacher.

  • DarthAardvark 4 years ago

    Kyle Busch the orignal intimanator. hes the ma

  • IHaveNoUsername97 4 years ago

    That would work. I just have hated Vegas ever since it was redone

  • xSnakeBerryx 4 years ago

    It took you two weeks to figure that out?

  • clint8813 4 years ago

    damn kenseth earnhardt was going to have a top 15