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  • Fredarios Parks 4 years ago

    @ gordoniscool24 I was there too!!! 

  • Gordoniscool24 4 years ago

    I was there it was an awesome race.

  • nascardenny11 4 years ago

    All the people saying Logano got payback, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU. In the 2012
    Sonoma Toyota 350, Joey Logano divebombed Hamlin, who was running 6th at
    the time. Joey Logano ended up in the top 10, Denny Hamlin finished 34th.
    Now, if Hamlin got payback at the gaylord Logano, the score should’ve been
    settled. Anyone want to disagree with me? Look it up, Sonoma 2012 Denny
    Hamlin crash..

  • Roushfan5 4 years ago

    Are you kidding? If he was so concerned about blocking Kyle then why the
    fuck did he leave the entire high side of the race track open (where Kyle
    passed him)? Sounds to me like you are a Denny Hamlin fan that just expects
    all the drivers on the race track to yield for him. I think I speak on
    behalf of the entire racing community when I say “fuck that”

  • Randall Wade Payne 4 years ago

    Dam that MM 18 car. Good race.

  • retromario96 4 years ago

    Ah the blindness of some people. No. At Bristol, Joey tried to put a
    slidejob on Denny and failed. Joey’s fault. At Auto Club, going into turn 3
    Denny left Joey room on the inside because he knew that if he didn’t then
    the 18 was going to catch them (Which thanks to Joey, ended up happening
    anyway) Joey refused to life and his car walked up the race track and
    turned Denny. Even if it’s the end of the race there are some situations in
    which you just have to settle for what you can get.

  • retromario96 4 years ago

    Denny Hamlin; wrecked by Logano at Auto Club, fractures his back, not his
    fault. Then has a string of mechanical and tire failures, also not his
    fault. Tony Stewart; ran into the back of a spinning car during a Sprint
    Car race because that car spun and Tony didn’t have time to correct. Whose
    fault was it again?

  • Roushfan5 4 years ago

    That is NOT what fucking happened. Hamlin spun Joey out in retaliation for
    the failed slide job. At Auto Club? Joey never got NEAR the quarter panel
    of the 11. He got ‘em in the door. And about a year AFTER the contact is
    when the 11 spins. What do you mean giving the 22 room? There is a MILE of
    race track on the 11s outside. Denny was very clearly squeezing the 22 to
    the bottom of the race track to try and kill his momentum.

  • retromario96 4 years ago

    Still blind I see. Putting a slide job on somebody and failing is your own
    fault. Are you really this stupid? Denny left Joey what little room he
    could for Joey because he didn’t want to open the door for Kyle to take
    them 3 wide through the middle. Joey runs into Hamlin because of his
    refusal to lift then cuts across Denny’s nose which is what spins Hamlin
    out. Denny wasn’t close enough to Logano at that point to be considered
    “squeezing” him.

  • retromario96 4 years ago

    If Denny was actually trying to squeeze Logano down and kill his momentum
    then he would’ve actually been right on top of him instead out about 3/4 of
    a car width away.

  • retromario96 4 years ago

    Then you’re blind. Watch the final lap closely and pay close attention to
    the last two turns. Denny leaves Joey room on the bottom, Denny’s line does
    not change, Joey refuses to lift and gets into Denny’s left rear quarter
    panel, putting himself in the wall and causing Denny to crash head on into
    the inside wall.

  • justin dinkins 4 years ago

    i’ve looked at the replay of the auto club 400 alot and hamlinw wrecked
    HIMSELF TRYING TO WRECK LOGANO which was a idiot move for hamlin because
    all he had to do was spin down to pit road rather than trying to wreck
    another driver

  • Roushfan5 4 years ago

    What race did you watch? Its not like Logano hooked his quarter panel and
    sent him spinning into the wall (like the 11 did to the 22 at Bristol. I
    saw two drivers so focused on beating each other that they beat themselves.
    I don’t know what happened at JGR when those two where teammates, but the
    fact of the matter Hamlin went out of his way to make Logano his enemy, and
    wrote a lot of checks with his mouth that his talent couldn’t cash.

  • Roushfan5 4 years ago

    They got fucked by their own stupidity.

  • aTylerChristianfilm 4 years ago

    Pretty impressive that Vickers still finished 10th after that spin.

  • Mustang Mike 4 years ago


  • crazyp2jimmy 4 years ago

    Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart would like to have a word with you.

  • Joe Annunziata 4 years ago

    I hated this for Burton. He was running top 10 with a pretty damaged car
    and then he has a tire go down. He just can’t catch a break this year. He’s
    had a lot of speed and good runs, but probably the worst luck in his entire

  • Penny wise 4 years ago

    Dude is a beast.

  • Danilo Mancini 4 years ago

    I swear God if any car get a “Gator” sponsor I’ll cheer against him.

  • TheFinlander11 4 years ago

    Fuck you nascar, how do you think i can watch your races now if you block
    the only way i can see them

  • Daniel Moreno 4 years ago

    Think Burton has had bad luck this year? One word for you: Brad. My godness