2014 Clint Bowyer #15 “Clint Bowyer” Youth – http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-CLINT-BOWYER-15-Clint-Bowyer-1-64-Action-Diecast-Stock-Free-Shipping-/321437164107?…
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  • DR34DG38Diecast 3 years ago

    I have a question. Why is Clint Bowyer’s 5 Hour Energy Car not allowed to
    be made in 1/64 scale any more?

  • allnascar23 3 years ago

    Where do you find the info for the cancelled diecast? I can’t find an up to
    date list anywhere else online.

  • MrCuppy3 3 years ago

    I hate lionel….

  • Jacob Reed 3 years ago

    +OriginalBigBry some new cars are out such as brad keselowski abd brian

  • Matthew D'Ercole 3 years ago

    Since 5 Hour energy is obviously, an energy drink, and NOS is also an
    energy drink, why didn’t Lionel put Stenhouse’s name on the car, like they
    did with Bowyer?

  • ahspencer01 3 years ago

    The cancelled (in my opinion) some of the greatest diecasts! Almirola, both
    Biffle cars, Buescher, and Stenhouse! That sucks.

  • nascargo19 3 years ago

    Pretty upset that the #60 car got canceled. None of the other cancellations
    of his has made me as sad as that one. Really like the 50th Anniversary
    Mustang scheme.

  • J Lesane 3 years ago

    All the cancelled diecast made me wanna cry

  • Damdni482 3 years ago

    I figured the 7 and 44 would be canceled. Now, we get no Chris Buescher
    car!!! /:(

  • MrHendrickFan 3 years ago

    Hey original big bry watch my videos I love yours :D

  • David Hutchins 3 years ago

    Well I am not surprised the 44, 60, 7, and the # 16 Scotch car got
    canceled. Especially the 16 Scotch car, it got canceled last year. What
    disappoints me is the 17, 43, and the 16 window film.

  • allnascar23 3 years ago

    With a big release comes a big cancellation.

  • MrHendrickFan 3 years ago

    Awe nothing much and awwwwwwww with canceled 

  • DaToyGamer 3 years ago

    I’m off to Sonoma! Gonna go get my Chase Elliott diecast and cross my
    fingers for Ryan Newman!