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  • Wesley Shark 4 years ago

    The absolute epitome of #whitepeople on display here. 

  • John Fooza 4 years ago

    Track is practically racing. We compete against other runners. If you think
    sitting in a car and driving around a track multiple times is a sport, than
    you probably need to rethink your life.

  • AseerX1 4 years ago

    No point in talking to it, it’s a bot not human.

  • Tyrese Phillip 4 years ago

    Final Destination 4 all over again… I feel bad for all those people. God
    bless them. :)

  • Pascal Duplessis 4 years ago

    pretty clear to me that the fence is not safely made!

  • rebelyell1998 4 years ago

    When did this happen?

  • Timetraveler Mcfinkelsten 4 years ago

    I’m a liberal…… and i’m not anti NASCAR. If you go to a Motorsports
    event, then there’s a possibility you will be injured or die. That’s just
    part of it. I don’t like NASCAR (except for the road courses, cuz it’s
    hilarious to see them try and take a real corner), but im not anti NASCAR.
    It is motorsport, and although v8 supercars (and their drivers) do the
    simplistic v8 stock car RWD formula much better. I still respect it.

  • VHT418 4 years ago

    Only on youtube can ignorant fucks who have never stepped foot on a race
    track type a comment like yours..

  • BACKinBLACK1080 4 years ago

    Finally….everyone knows that crashes are the only entertaining part of

  • Shane Presley 4 years ago

    that was bad.

  • JbirdYellow 4 years ago


  • TheRatnaster 4 years ago

    god is punishing the fans because they are watching an event that waste gas

  • JosePCovers 4 years ago

    The people I felt most concerned about was a 51 year old man from TX & the
    little boy!

  • Pascal Duplessis 4 years ago

    the raceway side of the fence,sorry.

  • MrEthan Quinn 4 years ago

    She’s hot

  • zingermike 4 years ago

    Nxtl68. Go back & watch video of the BGN races at Tona during the late 80′s
    early 90′s. no restrictor plate and no pack racing like today. Small groups
    of cars would race together. NASCAR should of stayed with the V6 for Dega &

  • Billy Bishop 4 years ago

    I’ll never forget that wreck.

  • Kayle Mason 4 years ago

    Dont you just love when a car drives in circles for 500 laps. THEY SHOULD

  • whitepride1004 4 years ago

    Good one. I haven’t had to try in any of my comments. Give me a car,
    though, and I’ll have the same chance as any of the other racers.
    Vrooooooom, me gonna turn layeft and go fayust.

  • Austin Pietryga 4 years ago

    You can’t stop this from happening. Shit happens. They were going 200mph,
    Keselowski tapped the racer in front of him and it happened. Accidental or
    not, you can’t stop this. It’s like saying shut down baseball because a
    pitcher got hit by the pitch coming off the bat.

  • VHT418 4 years ago

    and what do you race?

  • Theresonly1cryo 4 years ago

    Youtube should set up a new policy of giving penalty to accounts that
    comment advertisements

  • nismofury 4 years ago

    Listen you stupid hillbilly that tire doesnt weight 90lbs and its just the
    tire not the whole wheel. The whole wheel doesnt weigh that much. Its
    racing specs not what you put on your pickup truck. Dumbass. And it takes
    far less skill to drive nascar than open wheel racing on real race courses.
    Why do you think danika had pole position… something shes never done in
    indi car racing.

  • whitepride1004 4 years ago

    Let the South have something you bastard! Oh, wait, you were being

  • Connor Byers 4 years ago

    @Tim Wilson