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  • MrSnuffaluffacus 4 years ago

    A good days work in that series is wrecking Kyle Busch for being such an
    asshole and stealing wins, money, sponsors, and its gonna make the sport
    shut down the damn series because no one wants that prick to keep taking
    wins from up and comers like he is.

  • Wild Rowdygirl 4 years ago

    Mr Snuff why block me you chickenshit and if anybody knows about a pharmacy
    i guess that would be you douchebag!!!

  • Wild Rowdygirl 4 years ago

    MrSnuff you an idiot!

  • Tyler Scott 4 years ago

    Nice to see them use a clip of JWT crashing on his own. That’s about the
    extent of his day’s work

  • GatewayMSP 4 years ago

    NASCAR Camping World Truck Series | A Good Day’s Work:@YouTube#NASCAR
    #nascarsalutes #ESPN #FoxSports1 #TNTNation

    ARE YOU READY FOR #drivinforlinemen 200 ?!

  • Jonny Hambrick 4 years ago