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  • FutureRacer11 4 years ago

    New bristol Sucks! 

  • FredyGruguerXX 4 years ago

    Bristol foda…..Brazil ssss ss s ROnaldo

  • EpsilonUnitGaming 4 years ago

    I miss the old cars and old style of nascar so much. I don’t just mean
    wrecks. Compared to the nascar of old there isnt much excitement to be had.

  • VIPSoundCircleTV 4 years ago

    F1 can suck it!

  • ChevyCamaro33 4 years ago

    we also need bob jenkins back in the booth. listen to the excitement he
    made to watch the race. today, even when there’s good racing, the
    commentators aren’t like they used to be. Nascar on TV lacks the luster it
    used to back in the golden days.

  • ChevyCamaro33 4 years ago

    they ruined bristol with the new configuration. they ruined nascar with the
    cot. they ruined nascar with the chase. I want old nascar back. the way it
    ought to be! you gotta miss it. I just can’t believe Nascar is making
    changes they think are good but are realistically terrible.

  • bigfoot2448 4 years ago

    the 1999 incident with Earnhardt they shoulda penalized Dale Earnhardt

  • TheGoaltender94 4 years ago

    @naraithsil actually yes it does, so whats your point here?

  • Dave Vis Racing 4 years ago

    i want bristol back the way it was

  • ChevyCamaro33 4 years ago

    amen dude. Sr’s death was the worst thing in the history of the sport, and
    led to the sport’s downfall. Better safety, but bad racing. I have to
    admit, they did make some great changes in the right direction for this
    year, and as a result, yielded a race (excluding the pothole) for the
    Daytona 500. I still wonder how Jr got there. Unbelievable.

  • zhess13 4 years ago

    It sure would be nice to see that black number 3 again. He new how to race

  • boatinguy1 4 years ago

    @ChevyCamaro33 my watching NASCAR also died the day Dale did…..

  • buggyboo1992ify 4 years ago

    Mr bug Mann fuck given to you infinity go #3 forever

  • Lorne Macbeth 4 years ago

    Three words: bump and run!

  • MrBugman66 4 years ago

    earnhardt= zero fucks given

  • MrIphoneman3 4 years ago

    @theskatinggamer204 If you think it’s the worst sport, then why did you
    take the time to click on the video, watch the video, and then post a hate
    comment? If you don’t like NASCAR, then don’t watch YouTube videos of it.

  • MrIphoneman3 4 years ago

    @theskatinggamer204 Just kidding about the last comment. You can say
    whatever you want, it’s your opinion. :)

  • Tom O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    its all the same….racing sucks

  • jasonmoyer 4 years ago

    Jenkins/Squire/Jarrett was my favorite booth ever (although I think
    Jenkins/Jarrett/Parsons were on ESPN at one time, too?). With Jerry Punch
    and Dave Despain doing the pit reporting. I don’t have anything against DW
    or Larry but the 80′s commentators will probably always be my favorite.

  • Emmanuel Guzmán 4 years ago

    I miss the old Bristol times and when Burton knew how to drive too…

  • jerry klinger 4 years ago

    I liked your video very much.

  • zummo61 4 years ago

    Personally, He ruined it for me. I was a fan in the 60′s and 70′ when it
    was Petty, Baker, Pearson… Dale Earnhardt made it a marketing joke.

  • runn141 4 years ago

    nascar ruined when Dale Earnhardt died. he was the trademark of it.

  • henery22lr 4 years ago

    yep that race was awesome… tats the fire jr has been lacking for some
    time now…. i have heard people bashing him because he was disappointed…
    that just proves to me how bad he actually wants to win GO JR!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Rogers 4 years ago

    we know fans like you rather watch the demo derby some race fan