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  • ASV1215 4 years ago

    1:22 Mike Joy voice crack :D

  • Brian Fernandez 4 years ago

    NASCAR Bristol extended race highlights

    NASCAR Bristol extended race highlights

  • richard cole 4 years ago

    i love nascar racing

  • Mike Marcello 4 years ago

    You don’t say.

  • MrTonyozzie 4 years ago

    I only love motorsport that doesn’t bore the pants off me. I like V8
    Supercars as well as NASCAR and I like BTCC. Unfortunately F1 is one big
    sleeping pill. Maybe you should do us all a favour and take an overdose you
    retatded motherfucker!

  • fgd5604 4 years ago

    First comment

  • kingzozo19 4 years ago

    As a person who watched almost all F1,Nascar,SBK,Indy and V8sc races past
    10 years I must say that I do not enjoy Nascar as much I was in past. Sure,
    F1 featuring shitty tires, electronic gizmos like KERS and DRS but therese
    races are more and more interesting.

  • KyleNewtonKahneFan41 4 years ago

    Been waiting years for him to finally win Bristol!

  • DevinPoslusny 4 years ago

    Yes that is true if you are true fan you’ll like all types of racing

  • ThreeRiversRC 4 years ago

    I think Auto Club is now the best race of the year!

  • Nathan Yeung 4 years ago

    They’re making a left turn… they’re making another left turn… another
    left turn…

  • Mike Marcello 4 years ago

    Your comment tell me some thing. 1.you never watched F1. 2.you don’t know
    how different between stock car and open wheel car. 3.you are bad that
    compare Nascar to the world’s fastest circuit car.

  • KidiscarcraZy 4 years ago

    how about jeff?

  • jeffgordonadi24 4 years ago

    Jeff deserved to win it too! Too bad he got in that accident with Matt

  • underthenorthernstar 4 years ago

    @MrTonyozzie fuck off, if you’re a true motorsports fan, you appreciate and
    love ALL TYPES of racing. GTFO, poser

  • TheSteadyHunter 4 years ago

    My foot got stuck between the fire wall ,and the gas peddle. YEAH! RITE lol

  • R6Powar 4 years ago

    I don’t understand this type of racing at all… but, still looks kinda
    fun. Do they always run the same elliptical tracks or do they alter?

  • Durge Driven 4 years ago

    according to you I must love drifting, lawnmower racing and tractor pulls
    fuck off you unit. lol

  • Austen Moon 4 years ago

    Kasey Kahne already has more wins at HMS than Dale Jr. lol

  • NASCAR Technical Institute 4 years ago

    Good highlight video, thanks!

  • daniel vance 4 years ago

    take out all of the big cars and put in smart cars !!!

  • jeffgordonadi24 4 years ago

    So happy for Kasey! He deserved it!

  • ThreeRiversRC 4 years ago

    Best race of the season so far!

  • MrTonyozzie 4 years ago

    And they’re passing each other, oh look they’re racing within inches of
    each other sometimes 3 and 4 wide and they actually swap some paint. Oh wow
    they don’t just overtake in the pits they do it on the track. Now why don’t
    the chumps in F1 do that and actually try to make it interesting?

  • GivinNightmares 4 years ago

    @R6Powar They run road courses at Watkins g