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  • Ronnie SeCoy 4 years ago

    Then look down THIS ROAD. You pull teams from competing you then ALSO pull
    that sponship cash flow. Within 2 years you will lose ALL the drivers you
    knock out of the CHASE. They will lose the cash from their sponsors. If
    they can’t race sponsors will quit too. This “SHIFT” is STUPIDITY to the
    max. There once were traveling circuses. They don’t exist now. TV &
    movies killed them. JUNIOR is killing a lot of cash flow with this idea.
    Go search NASCAR STATS. Less than 10% of drivers EVER win even one race
    each year. You will DESTROY 90% of the funding by this.

  • TeamAutobots51817 4 years ago

    that is a stupidest move for NASCAR so that means regular season winners
    won’t able to make it to Sprint Cup Series championship dumb idea =(

  • jlogano20 4 years ago

    Are you going to upload the videos from Penske media day?

  • Jeff Wouters 4 years ago

    Let’s go back to the old point system and get rid of this even more
    pathetic version of the chase. NOBODY likes or ever has! If it ain’t broke
    don’t fix it these constant rule changes are pathetic! Let’s go back to
    what made nascar popular! These stupid rule changes, fake debris cautions,
    the stupid chase, u have to be retarded too not understand why people are
    losing all interested in nascar! The chase is the most stupid idea I have
    ever seen. All I watch is manufactured racing.playoffs have zero business
    in motersports!its high time too go back to what never needed fixing, the
    only point now is to watch a race, the chase is dumb and gets dumber every
    year.no wonder everybody is losing all intrest in nascar! We all need to
    let Brian France he is killing nascar!now the championship means
    nothing.25th place cars have zero business having a shot at the
    championship! Look at empty seats at so many tracks and night races I’m
    watching other shows. Small series race on Saturday night, but big time
    racing is on Sundays afternoon! Brian France is killing what used to be a
    good racing series. It’s high time to get rid of Brian France before he
    kills what used to be the best racing series. NOBODY watches night races on
    tv because we are doing other better things, let’s get back to real nascar
    racing and get rid of this stupid chase and get back to what made nascar
    popular! The chase and championship don’t mean anything, all I watch for is
    because there are no other stock car series worth anything. The chase has
    too Go!