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  • MrFishone777 4 years ago

    What’s so exciting about the fastest car starting up front and running off
    from the pack? We do have restrictor plates at some tracks to keep it
    tight? Danica did win pole at Daytona, I’m not so sure she would have the
    same chance this year.

  • mike biddulph 4 years ago

    I think this sucks, what is he a half a retard?……

  • Roy FossilMan Brockett 4 years ago

    He really didn’t say alot, but what he did say, that makes Nascar going
    backwards. They were hitting 200 back in the 80′s and Nascar slowed them
    down. I have been going to the races, back in the 50′s and they have had
    their up’s and downs. Lets just race, open the gate and let them go. But
    Nascar today is all about money and not the fans. Lastly, when Nascar got
    started back in the 50′s, that was the good days. People today don’t
    remember how and why the Nascar name came about, I do and that the races we
    need to get back too.

  • markjeff531 4 years ago

    its ok. do wish they could bring back the Top 35 rule. it made qualifying
    more exciting for me personally

  • Patrick Star 4 years ago

    Ahh go eat another donut Pemberton

  • SUPEREEVEEMASTER 4 years ago

    I know feedback is great but constantly argueing about something after it’s
    been official is useless. It’s not going to change immediately. Maybe next

  • Possum Chef 4 years ago

    Well… he sounds excited. This guy has about as much personality as a

  • Johnny iParty 4 years ago

    Upping the chances of drivers injury and starting in their backup
    car…wtf? Seems like they’re trying to do too much, and it also seems like
    a waste. Why risk everything? 

  • jrfan07 4 years ago

    im alright with this idea, i think its not so much that the fans dont like
    the idea its just that were afraid of change. im looking forward to the new
    qualifying format, just hope they dont botch the points system thats all

  • Jeff Rogers 4 years ago

    Stick a fork in nascar time to go watch some ARCA!!!

  • Brody Pope 4 years ago

    It’s a good idea, just a couple of concerns about being in packs while
    qualifying. But they’ll get it more figured out as the year goes along.

  • superpoof 4 years ago

    I see two problems. First,a one car team is at a disadvantage,due to the
    draft.(I know,no drafting at non restrictor plate tracks during
    qualifying),but 20 feet behind,you still get a draft. Secondly,we all know
    how important clean air is,so he who leads the pack runs fastest.How will
    they determine the leader? Otherwise,it seems like 1 hour of qualifying
    will be more exciting than listening to DW for 3 hours.

  • Jrnation88ftw 4 years ago

    Sounds much better than the single car qualifying as it will be a event in
    itself. Also Nascar used to do group qual in the 70′s so this is like going
    back to its roots. Hopefully nascar will change the K&N series and the
    modified tour to heat races, and maby purchase ARCA in the future and spice
    that up as well. Cant wait for the 2014 Season just 20 days away! Lets go

  • Chup _ 4 years ago

    This may create interest in qualifying for awhile. Too bad we will not hear
    much true feedback from teams and drivers. NASCAR has already shown that
    they will fine and retaliate against teams for giving their feelings about
    what NASCAR does.

  • Mitchell Southard 4 years ago

    He sounds like he doesn’t give a shit

  • Aaron Henderson 4 years ago

    This is a great idea. Stop ur bitchin

  • Spsuperstar 4 years ago

    its still bullshit and it sucks balls period!