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  • transam0141 3 years ago

    are yall serious? yall do realize it says highlights in the description,
    and of course they went 500 miles back then

  • Kenny Naber 3 years ago

    I think that was Rockingham 1983

  • NebulousFury 3 years ago

    @Acrokidflyer098 are you serious? The races were actually longer back then
    because there’s a lot of sissy new fans that are whining about the races
    being too long so some races got shortened to 400 miles. Plus the speeds
    are faster so the races don’t last nearly as long. The 500 mile races at
    Dover, for example, used to last 4 and a half hours on average. I miss
    those days. But I still love NASCAR today

  • Acrokidflyer098 3 years ago

    @tr0uble192 I think back then they didn’t race 500 miles. But we do today

  • Acrokidflyer098 3 years ago

    @erasetoimprove As much as I like NASCAR back at the old days I think you
    are right. The races were longer. Sad we don’t enjoy NASCAR that much as we
    did back then today.

  • tr0uble192 3 years ago

    I am pretty sure a 500 mile race isn’t 46 minutes long…but I am wrong all
    the time.

  • Acrokidflyer098 3 years ago

    @Winston2003 Thanks for telling me. I never knew

  • Reddaytonadog 3 years ago

    @Acrokidflyer098 The engine in Petty’s car was found to be 24 cubic inches
    too large and found to have left side tires all the way around.

  • trojanfan1989 3 years ago

    This is the infamous Richard Petty Tire and engine race correct?

  • newjersey421 3 years ago

    A 381 engine and left-side tires all around! Oh my! lol

  • Nascarfan880 3 years ago


  • samothsamothsamoth 3 years ago

    They racing back in the days dover 500 miles instead today 400 and in
    rockingham 500 miles too. They drove sometimes about 5 hours straight!!

  • tr0uble192 3 years ago

    @Winston2003 Yeah, I am a jackass.

  • altfactor 3 years ago

    This race may have been taped, edited down to an hour (without commercials,
    it probably was about 46 minutes) and perhaps broadcast that evening.

  • Acrokidflyer098 3 years ago

    @trojanfan1989 Think so

  • MikeSkanz 3 years ago

    these car were so beautiful !!!! but so dangerous…

  • NebulousFury 3 years ago

    @Acrokidflyer098 I don’t necessarily enjoy it less, it’s just different
    that’s all. Personally I wish they ran a couple 1,000 mile races each year
    and ran a few more road courses too.

  • Crisgo3d 3 years ago

    This is just a condensed tape delayed version of the race. It was 500 miles
    back then and Mizlou used to tape races and send them to other stations
    like syndicated stuff.