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  • anonomousous 3 years ago

    @dca051868 undiciplined arseholes. Similar problem in London.

  • Steve White 3 years ago

    @ahachie you are an idiot if you are grouping the good people of Vancouver
    with teh few douchebags that rioted! I guess you didnt see the videos
    etc,of teh 11,000 Vancouver residents that went downtown the next morning
    with brooms and mops crawling on their hands and knees scrubbing Vancouver
    clean again,cleaning up the mess teh idiots made. But of cours you didnt
    see that,as all you have searched for is riot footage on Youtube,so you,in
    my opinion, are teh pathetic one

  • iMoonDoggiex 3 years ago

    @ahachie I like how you only know stereotypes and not the facts, I can play
    on hundreds of stereotypes of where I know your from, and those are way
    worse then Vancouver stereotypes.

  • Diosie Alingalan 3 years ago

    @anonomousous does this mean, the future is dangerous because the youth,
    supposedly, is the hope of tomorrow. Yes it will be uncertain. I am afraid
    it will.

  • Diosie Alingalan 3 years ago

    Vancouver is always on the top 3 in the most liveable city in the world.
    What happen now to the mores of the Vancouver’s youth?