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  • Chad Lozano 4 years ago

    went to the denver kansas city game last december, there was weed all over
    the place lol

  • kiefdreams 4 years ago

    fucking news crew laughing it off like its a fucking joke

  • Jerry Carter 4 years ago

    Screw the reporters for not allowing another option be expressed by putting
    the sign down with laughs about it.

  • WaffleRaver 4 years ago

    trashy sluts, they belong back in the kitchen.

  • Joe Sanchez 4 years ago

    Hm.. how funny. Educate and Medicate. Go cannabis

  • OverKillGhost6 4 years ago

    U know somthing up wen pot is good //////////Syria

  • revren mane 4 years ago

    Am a redcard holder and am all for it

  • backscan3030 4 years ago

    First they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you
    win ~Gandhi one step left

  • Godtardism 4 years ago

    An insult made purposely to offend and hide these dumb cunts hypocrisy. I
    hope kissing the Big Bosse’s ass tastes good to complement their shit
    eating grin.

  • MakeSumCake 4 years ago

    All these big sports businesses is run by the Jews.

  • SharkTheArdvark 4 years ago

    Root of the problem people are lying to themselves regarding the use of
    intoxicants. Mankind has been using intoxicants for thousands of years.
    Some mammals and even some birds also use intoxicants. People today pretend
    that if we don’t use intoxicants it shouldn’t be a problem. Problem is that
    this doesn’t work. Look at the alcohol prohibition. Did it work and people
    stopped drinking alcohol? Since Nixon did the CSA are the number of
    intoxicants reduced? How about the number of users? Get Real.

  • Destroyer958 4 years ago

    they seem to dislike logic.

  • capoman1 4 years ago

    What a laugh huh ladies? Way to be objective.

  • HooverBeast 4 years ago

    the ignorance seriously hurts.

  • MrJoetatt 4 years ago

    I don’t appreciate those ignorant people making a joke of the issue.

  • Michael Felton 4 years ago

    Lol they do seem to dislike logic they paused and gave no personal opinion,
    or they are on the job thus they are not allowed to reveal what they think
    because mind control and stuff.

  • Terrencomp Paintball and Action 4 years ago

    fuck the law smoke it anyway

  • Excelcior58 4 years ago

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Tee Hee we are talking about weed Tee Hee so
    silly so naughty. Bitches

  • Joe Sanchez 4 years ago

    They are laughing now at the movement but they wouldn’t be laughing when a
    drunk driver kills a pedestrian or a family. Or when teens od on alcohol or
    millions of people dying of sirosis or alcohol withdraws. And people tend
    to forget about tobacco consequences

  • kelley davis 4 years ago

    Oh ya. Ha, ha, ha… Marijuana Legalization congressional hearing on the
    10th. Ha, ha, ha… twits.