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  • Kevin James 4 years ago

    Hope to see Russia and America go far into the World Cup, Both great teams.

  • Сергей Иванов 4 years ago

    Interesting match! I hope to see Russia-USA on 1/8final on the world cup

  • kelan29 4 years ago

    nice game! gl Russia and USA in WC 2014 !!!

  • shnickel1 4 years ago

    Thank you! I personally think you’re half right. We would need a “miracle
    on ice” moment to make it to the finals (that was a game between the USA
    and Russia in hockey where Russia was by far the better team but the USA
    won). If our players play to the best of their abilities: Donovan, Dempsey,
    Bradley, Altidore, Jones etc our team can upset quite a few. We’re also a
    tall team and our shortest starter does this regularly:
    /watch?v=y1sZGrAYQMA Our set pieces are good ;)

  • khkartc 4 years ago

    Anything can happen in a single game, or even two, but the U.S. is a ways
    off from scoring four upsets in the elimination rounds of the WC; the ball
    would have to bounce their way an improbable number of times in a row. That
    said, I have no doubt that next year’s WC team will be the best the U.S.
    has ever fielded, and the semifinal round isn’t beyond reach with a stellar

  • brian morgan 4 years ago

    you guys in europe look too much at what club the players on the national
    teams play for in order to evaluate who has the better team too much. the
    world cup always has “shocking upsets.” they have them so often that they
    shouldn’t really shock anybody anymore if they were to step back and really
    look at the past. you never know, maybe your national team could beat
    brazil in the world cup. not likely, but it shouldn’t “shock anyone.”

  • brian morgan 4 years ago

    actually pepperdr94 doesn’t have his facts straight. we beat italy 1-0 at
    genoa, italy. beat germany 4-3 at home, beat bosnia 4-3 at bosnia, won the
    gold cup in very dominating fashion in all of our matches, clinched a world
    cup spot after the 8th match, clinched 1st place after the 9th match and
    still won on the road in out 10th match and the tie against russia and the
    win at bosnia was with out b-squad. i think that we could do well in the
    world cup. what country are you from?

  • brian morgan 4 years ago

    sorry but a lot of the players that i saw out there for the usa aren’t even
    on the team now. many of them were b-squad players too.

  • TheTwiceAsked 4 years ago

    “bringing universities and noble prizes” Apparently the futility of your
    argument is so horrendous that you couldn’t possibly contemplate a response
    that would actually indicate something clever. “Wouldn’t mind an easy 3
    points” Yeah, neither would I. Remind me again how far Russia got in the
    last world cup? Oh wait . . .

  • Buk Lau 4 years ago

    hahaha wow, you are bringing universities and noble prizes into a football
    discussion. i’m done. P.S. I hope USA and Russia are in the same group in
    the world cup. Wouldn’t mind an easy 3 points

  • TheTwiceAsked 4 years ago

    “u americans are called stupid for a reason” Because retards like you try
    to assume Americans are stupid based on skewed statistics that hold no
    viable evidence to your biases? How about the fact that you literally just
    defeated the purpose of your original comment with that statement? Fucking
    idiot Oh yeah, America only has the most nobel prizes and the world’s
    greatest university system with 3/4 of the world’s leading universities and
    research facilities. Okay dumbass

  • shaqpopcorn34 4 years ago

    you accidentally asked yourself 2 questions

  • Buk Lau 4 years ago

    wow, u americans are called stupid for a reason. we played a friendly with
    brazil last year where we drew 1-1, ( first team as well). That doesnt mean
    that we are as good as them. they would destroy us in a proper tournament
    game. friendlies don’t mean shit

  • TheTwiceAsked 4 years ago

    “while u guys played ur first” You think that was the A team? Granted
    Altidore (who actually wasn’t on the A team at that time) and Bradley
    played. The rest were mostly B team players, playing on your soil at 6 in
    the morning their time and they tied you. Should have won if the ref didn’t
    give you a BS penalty kick. But you’re just like all the other Euro trash,
    making excuses for why you lost.

  • PepperDr94 4 years ago

    Second team? Easy Win? Lol are you insane? Did you not see the saves Howard
    was making? You could have had fucking Pele out there and Howard still
    would have blocked it that night!

  • FavreianVengeance 4 years ago

    Did Russia outplay us? Yes. Would they beat us at the World Cup? Maybe; but
    I’d feel pretty good about our chances.

  • Thatguywithaname23 4 years ago

    To bad Russia would get dominated by this years USA MNT. Especially if the
    russians played at soldier field.

  • Thatguywithaname23 4 years ago

    Seems like someones in denial on how good the USA is this year. HA

  • MrMrjmb 4 years ago

    i come to watch USA vs Russia friendly highlights, and the top suggested
    video on the right is USA VS RUSSIA MILITARY POWER 2013……HD…….. by
    OSAMA BORDAH -_- classic you tube

  • Buk Lau 4 years ago

    sorry mate, Russia played their second team while u guys played ur first.
    If we played our usual team it would be an easy win for us.

  • lyosh mel 4 years ago

    US is lacking the support soccer gods. Lets just say my last name ends with
    an ”ov”.

  • PepperDr94 4 years ago

    Iyosh mel? I’m going to assume whatever country that name is suppose to be
    from (if it’s real, and I doubt that), that you probably finished somewhere
    at the bottom of the table with a team like New Zealand or Japan in the mix
    with you. Dream on? We have the talent and capability to go very far in the
    tournament. What country are you from? Please say England.

  • kevin bob 4 years ago


  • pit bull 4 years ago

    it seem that the usa got a good team, they might do well in the next world
    cup, but i support England because i’m from there lolol so the usa does not
    stand a chance lol

  • lyosh mel 4 years ago

    US has no chance in Brazil. Dream on.