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  • Kevin James 4 years ago

    I’m picking Germany to win the group and the US to win the second spot.
    Ghana and Portugal are overrated. 

  • HELLO 4 years ago

    b team c team this is the team of the future for germany these are the
    bench players who could play in the WC the goal keeper is the next goal
    keeper after the current keeper…….excuses excuses….shut up with all
    this germany has depth talent and shit because there they were and they

  • Emini Offutt 4 years ago

    I like it

  • Mike B. 4 years ago

    This was the US B or C team as well so it was pretty even matchup. 

  • osufand 4 years ago

    I’m picking usa to win the group and germany to come in second

  • Jonathan Wright 4 years ago

    regardless of it being a B or C team from germany, the USA completely
    outplayed germany in this game, then got a little too comfortable in the
    second half and gave up two easy goals.. i feel like we would be able to
    give the german first team a pretty good game since their reserves weren’t
    much competition. (p.s. remember not all the US starters played

  • shnickel1 4 years ago

    Aron Johannsson must start somehow for the USA without sacrificing Donovan,
    Dempsey or Altidore as attacking players.

  • rypb16 4 years ago

    I am an American, the USMNT has no chance is this grouping.

  • Tanja Lindenau 4 years ago

    Thursday June 26th 2014,Recife.USA vs.GER.Hurray.Will be the last game!:)

  • Chufless 4 years ago

    You know, Germany had it’s 2nd or 3rd team playing?

  • 1Young99Man0 4 years ago

    USA v Germany Part II COMING UP ;)

  • liquaty 4 years ago

    Klinsy give a chanse to Adu

  • Timmy Hayden 4 years ago

    I like our chances in this group. We get a chance to start on a strong note
    and we are a much improved team since the last World Cup. We haven’t always
    played our best when we are heavy favorites and seem to do well when we are
    looking up at competition.

  • Priscilla Sarpomaa 4 years ago

    No, you can’t score either Ghana, The real German team or Portugal with
    this sorry.

  • Alex Mills 4 years ago

    pitch was slow, water that field please

  • waldlaeufer38 4 years ago


  • Bizimana Franck 4 years ago

    Usa is éliminé. That s the team C of Germany lol

  • kevin marx 4 years ago

    Actually it was the C team of germany with 4 players of the B team –
    Podolski, Draxler, Sidney sam and Mertesacker who is in the A team right

  • Boss Eren 4 years ago

    i am German and say thats are not the good German player EİSO ıf you really
    want to play the German and usa waıtıng to see the fıfa world cup 2014 :D

  • Francine Rochester 4 years ago

    I love USA

  • MrTiti 4 years ago

    our footbal lteam has gone down a long way, the players have no confidence
    and we have no system nor teamfeeling in the squad. who goes where, who
    does what? our coach, Löw, is a complete Nivea-Douche. he got so many goals
    against playing greece at the world cup, the team was a ridicule bunch.
    what he done against italy was more fear than brain. i hope he will be sent
    away. asap. he detroyed all our talents and makes germany from a possible
    number one a maximum 5th in the world.

  • helelsonofdawn61992 4 years ago

    As a German i felt happy for my American- born little brothers when u.s
    beat us. Yes i said happy. Except when they kept reminding me about this
    game.:P They still do lol even more now that Us is in our group. I’m so
    excited for next year. I can’t wait. Hopefully u.s can finish second after
    us maybe. But Cr7 is a goal scoring machine and I’m nervous what will
    happen when we face him and Portugal. I’m sure all of the group games will
    be just as entertaining. :)

  • Kike lala 4 years ago

    usa can win last match because germany wont be playing for anything

  • MrManuelibarra 4 years ago

    this wasn’t the original team of Germany

  • Ace Alonso 4 years ago

    That goalkeeper was an idiot he could pick up the ball with his hands.