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  • U.S. Soccer 4 years ago

    Highlights of the #USMNT win against Costa Rica on Friday!

  • osufand 4 years ago

    We would Ooooo f beaten Costa Rica worse if it wasn’t snowing. The
    assumption that the snow was an advantage for the US is ridiculous it was a
    disadvantage for both teams

  • nascut1984 4 years ago

    Great match.

  • David Zamarripa 4 years ago

    wow. not even the galatasaray-juventus match which was cancelled had snow
    this bad.

  • MyItchyBahllz 4 years ago

    Not fair at all. Costa Rica is a tropical country and they aren’t used to
    snow at ALL. Some people hadn’t seen snow in their lifetime. 

  • Aleks Devlin 4 years ago

    Illuminati yankees 

  • Aleks Devlin 4 years ago

    U americans think you are above everyone and everything.. Please fuck off..

  • Rigo21berto11 4 years ago

    A leguas se vio que era preferible que los fuertes estén siempre por encima
    de los débiles.

  • FavreianVengeance 4 years ago

    I finally figured out why Costa Rica is so bitter. They’re not mad we
    played in and won the snow game. They’re butt hurt that we eliminated them
    from going to the 10 WC on the very last play of qualifying. I can’t blame
    them. I’d be pretty bitter too.

  • prozkillable 4 years ago

    wow how stupid can you be.

  • tforeignguy l 4 years ago

    It was the fault of Costa rica’s leadership… They accepted to carry on
    with the game and when it got too bad they changed their mind and nothing
    could be done then. they assumed that the intensity of the snow was not
    going to increase(some guys had never seen snow before). When confronted,
    The team captain mislead the Costa Rican media by washing his hands from
    any more responsibility and blamed the US. Costa Ricans are angry because
    of what the media is telling them. -(Im a Costa Rican)

  • dclaver2 4 years ago

    If it was a few degrees warmer, it would have been cold rain, and I bet
    that would have been something else the costa rican players would complain

  • dclaver2 4 years ago

    How do we control the weather?

  • Mario Arriaga 4 years ago

    What r u waiting for i not afraid in fact i know where u live i can do the
    same to u and more,xo xo xo

  • alex dyche 4 years ago

    ur such an idiot it’s people like u that i wan to beat to death or maybe
    just beat u up until all ur teeth fall out

  • AndSalX95 4 years ago

    Well if there’s something good in this match, is that after it both teams
    improved (USA giving the best improvement). Mexican commentators insist
    that nobody has grown up in CONCACAF, it’s just Mexico having a bad moment,
    but that’s not true. Costa Rica, USA and (more or less) Honduras are better
    teams than they were some years before.

  • La Nueva Republica 4 years ago

    really? dude have you been in the border with mexico, have you been in
    Arizona? what country was the last to abolish the slavery in America??
    guess what? USA!! you had a civil war for that! tell me why white people
    are with white people and black people are always with black people? the
    same shit with all the latino americans even if they are whites! you see a
    white guy from latino amerca you think maybe his father is white or
    something like that! that is ignorance! Viva Italia! Viva Putin!! F.U

  • Peter Wright 4 years ago

    How is the USA the most racist country around? Have you ever been to
    Russia? Italy? Wow you’re a deluded moron.

  • Peter Wright 4 years ago

    Yes dumbass…like we can actually control when it will snow. I was at the
    game and I live in Denver. I was hitting golf balls that morning at the
    driving range. It happens here. It not like the USA never has to play at
    2pm in sweltering heat in Central America. You guys have your ways of
    getting advantages, so do we. Stop bitching – MAN’S GAME

  • Peter Wright 4 years ago

    Someone still Butt Hurt?

  • Peter Wright 4 years ago

    I will agree with this.

  • Peter Wright 4 years ago

    Someone still Butt Hurt?

  • scowy1978 4 years ago

    An orange ball would’ve helped.

  • omar rosales 4 years ago

    y los ticos que tanto se quejaron por este partido en la nieve y aun asi
    estan en el mundial

  • joesakic91 4 years ago

    Geez, I still can’t believe some Costa Rica fans are still bitching about
    this game back on March 22, 2013. Memo to Costa Rica fans who keep whining
    about this game: let it go. You made the World Cup automatically along with
    us. Move on.