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  • Dan Tes 4 years ago

    USA are a good organized team. The organization and the focus is there.
    They just don’t seem to go past the threshold of average-ness. I guess we
    need more time. 

  • Zoltan Mesko 4 years ago

    Dispite our terrible D, who created some really good chaces. if only we had
    a more solid D

  • alberto cool 4 years ago

    1 day more to be my bday that day

  • Evoluciens 4 years ago

    Bradley in the middle when its not 3rd world countries …what a joke

  • Josias Machado 4 years ago

    If we are Shit, why are we in 13th place in the world! There are almost 200
    countries that are worse than us. Go make fun of them you dickhead

  • John Rambo 4 years ago

    usa woulda won again if they had a 1998 Keller in the box
    /watch?v=q8A9VcF7s-c if you dont believe me

  • lulem400 4 years ago

    Yet you still watch their highlights.

  • Siobhan O' Sullivan 4 years ago

    in all fairness america, the italy win was just a friendly, it was a
    meaningless game, ireland beat italy 2-0 in a friendly with a 2nd string
    team, are we a world power, fuck no…

  • Eddie Escobar 4 years ago

    U.S is shit

  • Arsenal321456 4 years ago

    No, you could have an alright team if you improve defence. But also when
    USA is fastly improving, so are teams like, England,
    Belgium,France,Brazil,Italy,Chile etc. So it’s getting harder and harder
    for the USA

  • Vin Kermit Diesel 4 years ago

    I think we probably have the most talent and certainly depth offensively
    ever, but without a back line we’re not going to be successful in a WC.

  • Rafael Cabrera 4 years ago

    Brazil is good

  • heidi newman 4 years ago

    Hmmm, the German team we beat was a B team at best. I do think the U.S has
    potential, when Bradley is playing it is a much better team, although
    Diskerud is on his way to being great at mid. We just don’t quite have the
    players that the other countries have yet. Why do you think Klinsmanni s
    starting so many foreign born and trained players? Weather we make it out
    of our group in Brazil will really depend on who is in it. We will not
    advance out of a tough group – not yet….but someday.

  • Kingshal11 4 years ago

    Are you saying we’re bad! OMG after these last couple of months i can’t
    believe im hearing this. We had a 12 game winning streak, which I agree, I
    can’t always use that excuse, we beat mexico 2-0, we qualified for this
    years world cup, we beat German 4-3 which may not mean we’re the greatest
    team on earth, but we have an excellent team with a lot of talent. There
    might be some flaws in our defense, winning against germany doesnt mean
    everything, but 13th and higher is great

  • heidi newman 4 years ago

    Why can’t the U.S. mark man to man on defense. This video is a year old and
    they are STILL not marking….We could have a decent team if we could

  • AceyPC 4 years ago

    MNT = Men’s National Team

  • Jack Kendall 4 years ago

    Damn the US defense is easily the worst I have ever seen. Honestly they
    don’t know the word ‘mark’.

  • Something Else 4 years ago

    Hardly anyone on this US team is still on the starting lineup…

  • FavreianVengeance 4 years ago

    Terrible defense. Gooch and Bocanegra’s best days are behind them.

  • AceyPC 4 years ago

    The external area of the field is pretty small. It’s the only bad thing to
    say about american stadiums…

  • AceyPC 4 years ago

    I appreciate so much the matches between USA and Brazil… and the same for
    “Mexico and USA”… both are great moments…! God bless you guys…!

  • Emper0rH0rde 4 years ago

    This was a tough loss, but it kept us from getting cocky as it showed us we
    still had a lot of work to do. I think if we played Brazil today, and went
    toe-to-toe with them, the scoreline would be much closer.

  • ALBstudi0s 4 years ago

    Hey man remember me? You told me a long time ago that Mexico was 3-0-0 in
    WCQ in comparison to USA being 1-1-1 and that Mexico is so much better and
    USA will never be better, ring a bell? Well just thought I’d mention that
    we’re first place in the hexagonal and have clinched a spot in Brazil 2014.
    Now lets remember where Mexico is, oh yeah, fifth place. Not to mention
    that we clinched our berth by beating you guys 2-0 in Columbus. So, can we
    say the USA is better now?

  • Alan freestyle 4 years ago

    los yankies tiene menos futbol o soccer como disen ello ajajaj ballan a
    seguir jugando a pegarele con el palito a la pelotita ajajja y ese futbol
    americano trucho jajaja son malisimos futbol es pie pelota no mano y pie

  • Markinho Barbarosa 4 years ago

    Brazil 4-1 usa yeah baby :D