Highlights of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 4-2 loss to Belgium in an international friendly in Cleveland, Ohio. Geoff Cameron and Clint Dempsey scored for …
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  • Robert M St Fleur 4 years ago

    Belgium has a very good soccer team; the players open up in the field and
    play with speed and precision.

  • wit bat 4 years ago

    it’s football

  • John Rambo 4 years ago

    all goals against belgium should have been dealt with better by the goal
    keeper. Guzan was not looking good

  • Archibalt3000 4 years ago

    Hey Bobby Sue better be thankful you’ve only lost 2-4, ould have easily
    been 1-6 and it would still be well deserved!

  • Delcio Acosta 4 years ago

    You could also look at our national soccer team. It reflects the diversity
    of our country. I don’t know what Tams Shams is talking about. A lot of our
    power comes Americans without European ancestry. This guy is an idiot.

  • Woud Wilder 4 years ago

    No you don’t know what you are talking about.All those boys are raised and
    born here.There are still a lot of white boys in the team.We are
    multicultural country and proud of our team and they are proud to play for
    Belgium.That is all that really matters.

  • DDeglane16 4 years ago

    Now that the US has an established team, formation, and style of play,
    along with a good run of confidence– Rematch!!

  • Synthiotics 4 years ago

    Why don’t you look up some actual facts.. Belgium has had African
    immigrants since the 50s, and most of our so-called African players were
    born and bred in Belgium. Many of them also have 1 white Belgian parent. I
    don’t think you understand how multicultural NW European countries are and
    have been for a while.

  • Synthiotics 4 years ago

    “Do not forget most Belguim players were born elsewhere, so learnt their
    trade elsewhere.” But.. they weren’t… and didn’t. Just google their bio
    or check wikipedia or something. It’s all out there. The vast majority were
    born, raised & trained here, and often have partly native Belgian ancestry.
    Anyway, stop acting like a 3rd worlder…

  • Dennis Decleer 4 years ago

    rob sanchez is the man!

  • Fabricio Avelino 4 years ago

    Absolutely irrelevant in all those fields is you. What’s your problem
    moron. Here is a democratic place and I told what was convenient for me.
    You want I paint for you now???

  • yella 4 years ago

    This was a good game. I wish we could play more matches against top class
    teams, it would help bring us up to that level. GG belgium, watch yo back.

  • Tom Bonte 4 years ago

    Wait what? Who are you to talk about immigrants? I don’t see any native
    americans playing, only immigrated Europeans.

  • Aaron Olds 4 years ago

    “That’s not a handball; that’s ball to hand.” Haha.

  • Fabricio Avelino 4 years ago

    What’s the importance of US to football? Have US tradition in football?
    What’s the great player they revealed some time? Yeah, they can be playing
    a few of football to come to World Cup in 2014, but, not now, they will not
    play a extraordinary football. Your great glories is win small
    friendlies,and rarely beat great potencies as Italy, Germany, France,
    Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Spain etc.. and once in a while, qualify to
    World Cup, nothing more than this. This is not a critic but is a reality.

  • misterx meistrox 4 years ago

    stupid redneck bitch

  • rob sanchez 4 years ago

    Guys does it really matter, the belgian players were born and raised in
    belgium thats all it matter, peace Belgium, you beat us fair and square,
    you guys are ranked 6, wow, hope we meet in brazil for a re-match, rooting
    for you guys so we can meet, until we meet again, hope you guys can beat
    croatia lets go to brazil.

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    Belgium is like…6th on the FIFA ranking and almost all their players play
    at top premier league teams…..get your facts straight…

  • FIFA Street 2 4 years ago

    Dempsey & vertonghen u.s. what would you do without Captain America?

  • volcanicvikingo 4 years ago

    well, 7 of the 11 players in the Belgian starting XI in that game are of
    white European heritage and the rest are born in Belgium to foreign parents
    and every single Belgian player of other ancestry that is currently in the
    national team were born in Belgium except for Christian Benteke who was
    born in Congo so all of the “foreign” players learned their football in
    Belgium (including Benteke)

  • s0ccer96 4 years ago

    Wow, Belgium played great!

  • IKkEAnVB lacht ermee 4 years ago

    “Do not forget most Belgium players were born elsewhere …” for fuck sake,
    if you want to make an argument get your facts right!!

  • IKkEAnVB lacht ermee 4 years ago

    So what I’m getting from all these bullshit conversations is: that the
    belgians should not allow children from recent immigrants to play sports
    because if they ever want to represent the country they were born in, they
    won’t be recognised as “real” Belgians. wow thank you for that piece of
    wisdom, all immigrants will find that a verry welcoming gesture.

  • Mike120xD 4 years ago

    Never known someone to bitch about a teams heritage?

  • roaches23 4 years ago

    So is Belgium making noise in the World Cup or are they just getting hyped