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  • jenscambre 3 years ago

    @kostas160 If you use your own bodyweight right, he can not get out. In
    judo both excist, this one and the one you are talking about. Werdum
    prefers the underhook, Karo doesn’t. Wich ever you are used to will work
    the best for you…

  • TheJakeJackson 3 years ago

    Man, you’ve got one f*cked up left foot…

  • IN5YOUR5FACE5 3 years ago

    Hey everyone just to let you all know gokor777 is the BIGGEST BITCH on
    youtube hahahahahah.. this pussy is all over karos nuts he’s actually a
    little girl behind his mommys keyboard like he can actually talk the talk
    in front of him!! lmfaooooooo what a little cunt… xokem dran gokor777 is
    ALL BARK hahaha little armenian bitch!!

  • r2d2rx 3 years ago

    @ktreeks19 yes but the judo guys like to impress with their incredible
    knowledge of japanese words ^^

  • hekoka 3 years ago

    karo did not take mma anywhere. even as early as ufc 3 judo was being
    utilised in mma. the japanese had been using even before that. nothing new
    here. all karo had was grit and judo throws. a judo throw is like a
    wrestling takedown! it looks spectacular and you the point but you have to
    do something it. hes striking stinks, his ground game is overrated and
    thats about it. hes got no KOs and very few submissinos

  • SomeKindOfMadman 3 years ago

    Yeah, it’s an awesome throw, Karo is a true Judo Master!

  • greenbay357 3 years ago

    Thats dangerous for a person who doesnt know how to fall properly. Karo was
    fucking embarrassing in his last fight, very out of shape

  • IN5YOUR5FACE5 3 years ago

    wrestling?? hahahahahah my ass

  • IN5YOUR5FACE5 3 years ago

    and plz don’t compare wrestling lay and pray with judo throws! No one can
    touch karo’s throws its all proven…

  • ROnaldoA7X6 3 years ago

    I do this 2 my girl when i want some lol jk :)

  • pride310 3 years ago


  • IN5YOUR5FACE5 3 years ago

    1. The whole world knows karo to mma TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!! Go watch his
    fights when he was dumping motherfuckers on their heads for a living at a
    very young age at 14! 2. Judo wasn’t even adopted like parisyan utilized it
    in MMA proven facts!! 3. His known for his throws go watch his fights and
    see how many throws he has even in one fight! 4.

  • molataz 3 years ago

    my sensei used to recomend that for taller player as the classic
    foot-plaement favors a shorter player

  • IN5YOUR5FACE5 3 years ago

    haha ay bozi txa when karo was fighting at the age of 14 no armenian
    fighter was even around you little fag its a proven fact! Everyone knows
    that karo took MMA to a whole new level with his judo and AMAZING talent
    you dumb slut! hahaha you’re just BUT HURT GOKOR hahaha its you you fukeing
    chivitchyan everyone already know how fucken hilarious!!! Not liking some
    and YET on a fighters page 24/7 KARO plz find this motherfucker since u
    live in L.A and make him the little bitch that he already is…

  • Rambo K.E.M Strike King 3 years ago

    man this is awesome

  • muscleintraining 3 years ago

    Need a coach like this guy.

  • thnk4urself 3 years ago

    that’s sick. I’m using that

  • DurppaDurppa 3 years ago

    @philosopha7 it wouldnt hurt hes knee that he landed on 1. because hes knee
    is suppposed to be pulled in and in this video the guys knee was knocked in
    so its fine and if you ever get chuck over someone clench your knees

  • TheShitDelValle 3 years ago

    2 bad he got banned from ufc

  • gokor777 3 years ago


  • Teabonesteak 3 years ago

    @urmomakiller that could have been a broken knee for sure.

  • gokor777 3 years ago

    mousasi is the best armenian fighter thats all Karo aint shit kunem sera
    beranu… ever since hes out UFC is a better company the stocks went up
    1000000000 % lmaoooooo karo was bringing the ufc down thank god he is out

  • chromakey84 3 years ago

    lol wow you are stupid

  • liltimmyspeashooter 3 years ago

    Someone get Karo a lortab so he just shuts the fuck up.

  • Necromorbus1 3 years ago