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  • foreverballin17 4 years ago

    i want them to expand to 32 teams as well

  • ThisWeekinRed 4 years ago

    @aclopezestrada I agree with you on the mediocrity issue but the reality is
    the big market teams have big market TV revenues that are not possible in
    the smaller markets like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, San Diego, etc. So unless
    you improve your player development department it is hard to spend your way
    to winning if the funds just aren’t there.

  • Grabbabba 4 years ago

    Yeah perfect for the big market teams! It is not right for the Yankies to
    have such a stacked team and payroll. Same as the red sox They are hogging
    the only few spots that are available, and overall strangling every other
    team that they steal the spots from. ill simplify it (teams that never make
    the playoffs loose thier fanbase) Mlb is the most pathetically run league
    around. It’s time to switch up the whole league. Put team’s in more fair

  • cagedtigersteve 4 years ago

    Don’t forget the other problem. A 4 team division. The AL west now has a
    chance to get 75% of its teams into the playoffs.

  • Lokie 4 years ago

    I think it should be a one game play off because remember a 3rd place team
    can make the playoffs. They kinda dont deserve to be there

  • slapshot68 4 years ago

    one question, wat if u get a 2 way tie for the 1st wild card spot and a 2
    way tie for the second wild card spot?

  • Khris Hodge 4 years ago

    Sooo, a team finishing in third place in a division actually could win the
    World Series.? Best teams in baseball in the World Series. (not a fan)

  • ThisWeekinRed 4 years ago

    @slapshot68 Not sure. Without researching it I’d say the answer is those
    ties would be broken based on head to head performance during the season
    between the teams in question.

  • Manuel Hernandez 4 years ago

    i’m for expansion… however w/ da best 2/3 games is one rly good idea,
    adding another 2 more wildcard teams will make it even more intriguing cos
    there will b an even amount of division winners and even amount of wild
    card winners per league. i’m saying that there should b 12 teams [6
    division champs & 6 wild card winners] it’ll hav the same playoff format
    like the NFL. just saying. that way, there’ll b a best 2/3 game series and
    a new series is born. it’ll b known as the Wild Card Series.

  • starman60200 4 years ago

    winner take all, or last year wild card winner must go who is rank 5th in
    there lead,if last year winner does not make it w.c then it should be who
    rank 4th to me that sound lot fair.

  • XoSnipeMasterXo 4 years ago

    So fuck the 2 out of 3 i say best of 7 really

  • MrNothingButAir 4 years ago

    gotta be 2 out of 3. One pitching fluke = whole season ruined. 1 game
    playoff for baseball is retarded

  • ThisWeekinRed 4 years ago

    Manny717: Your idea of adding more wild card teams can’t fly. There are
    probably already too many playoff teams. you don’t want baseball’s playoffs
    to be watered down like hockey and NBA

  • XoSnipeMasterXo 4 years ago

    I say that they should add another round to the playoffs and get rid of the
    5 game series, because there is no point to have the first round have a
    best of 5 and alcs/world series a best of 7