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  • thatoneguy285 3 years ago

    The first basemen are the real MVP’s making those scoops

  • James Tayloe 3 years ago

    Nobody will be able to find every extraordinary play from the time period,
    if they did it would take at least an hour, if you want all highlights,
    check in daily to MLB.com daily updates

  • Jill Allen 3 years ago

    Dang, Machado and Arenado make those plays look so easy.

  • Monti Martel 3 years ago

    Josh Hairison (or how ever it is spelled) deserves a highlight reel. He did
    amazingly in both IF and OF

  • Ryan Schmelter 3 years ago

    Machado is a prima donna who thinks he is above the game. Wonder why he
    keeps getting hurt? Baseball Karma baby. Be humble, not a diva.

  • Sports Man Goronsky 3 years ago

    These fielding animations should be in MLB 15 The Show.

  • Captain_of_Solitude 3 years ago


  • Marval410 3 years ago

    After watching all 5 vids I feel that this was a good compilation with a
    few flaws.
    One I feel that you favored the NL specifically the Dodgers.
    Also I noticed several great plays the Indians turned were absent. I
    realize you cant catch everything *no pun intended* but you missed a triple
    play turned by the Indians against the Dodgers, while you had 4 other
    triple plays in the list. Also Cespedes had several outfield assists in the
    list while Brantley had none. Additionally Rayburn made an incredible
    diving play in right towards the end of the season.
    All in all I enjoyed the compilation, but felt the need to point out some
    plays that I thought deserved to be in the list (considering some of the
    other plays that made it) especially the triple play. Keep these coming

  • Merklamore 3 years ago

    Keep this up please!! This was awesome as always!!

  • Leonard Andreas Gundersen 3 years ago

    1:15 nice

  • Rotorplayzmc Road to 50 subs! 3 years ago

    At 12 46 he has the ball in his glove and he is still on the ground

  • UltimateBaseball 3 years ago

    Best part about these videos is that there’s no blaring music

  • Ronnie McMillin 3 years ago

    Felix giving him a big


  • Lina Salvador 3 years ago

    18:42 “look out, Spider-Man

  • Feel Good Music 3 years ago

    I don’t understand why there’s 12 dislikes this is pure entertainment

  • Richard Lynch 3 years ago

    Something against the Orioles? 3 gold gloves and you show 1 play by Jones
    from the playoffs…3 of what even were not the best by Machado, NOTHING by
    JJ hardy or Markakis. Most of those plays were not nearly as good as the
    Orioles highlight reels… But nice move highlighting Simmons.

  • John Bynum 3 years ago

    Ever heard of Adrian Beltre?

  • Allison Gordon 3 years ago

    WOW!!!these plays are f*** awesome!

  • austin wilson 3 years ago

    5:35 thats effort right there.

  • xParadise Vz 3 years ago

    Cesar you are the best doing this videos men all videos of top plays i get
    a like because look amazing

  • Jack Vernon 3 years ago


  • Allison Gordon 3 years ago

    Wo,those playrz r gud

  • Nick Trusnovec 3 years ago

    Glad you take the time to do the vids

  • Sammy/Tracy Maggio 3 years ago

    I believe these plays are from July 28 – End of Regular Season

  • Exploding TacoCat 3 years ago

    great video cesar!