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  • Simplex1994 4 years ago

    WAIT !?! How much games was he actually suspended for.??????????

  • Mark Calaway 4 years ago

    Andres Galarraga Is Probably Hands Down The Best Hitter That Ever Lived

  • Dyanara Diaz 4 years ago

    I am happy

  • Asdrubal1977 4 years ago

    My friend you are wrong!!!!Totally Wrong, remember when he defeated TONY
    GWYNN in their figth for batting title in 1993??? It meant for you hand
    down??? OMG!!!!!! Dedicated your self to be a rock and roll player. Best
    wishes!!! But I think you have never play baseball “Natural Baseball”

  • Armando Apolinar Seijas Zorrilla 4 years ago

    Disappointed by the punishment? This is a shameless Dominican should freeze
    accounts, seize assets, take championship rings and even arrested and
    deported because what made millionaire, famous, and with a super average
    and syringe came from a talent not own, that shamelessness, so they say,
    and with entire sport reason that it is taking the devil and fair
    competition at all.

  • Phone5420 4 years ago

    for ever suspended?

  • Asdrubal1977 4 years ago

    Who is more Guilty Pete Rose or A-Rod??? Both are ugly examples of baseball
    players mistakes but play being drunk it’s shamefull for your national
    sport does not it????

  • Ghetto Yorel 4 years ago

    Mid 90′s MLB,coming off the 1994 strike,knew about Steroids,but turned
    there heads as the home runs,put fans in seats,and they made record profit.
    1998 the SUMMER OF LOVE i call it Mark Mcgwire,Sammy Sosa blasting home
    runs at record pace,that still haven’t landed. Now MLB wants to get tough!

  • zachbear98765 4 years ago

    How did you lump Miguel Cabrera into the same sentance as arod? He cleaned
    up and changed his ways

  • Brigid James 4 years ago

    I love your videos. I love it. I am Happy That Adam James, Yelled THAT WAY
    Of Course, Hes Sad If He Leaves YOU ROCK Thanks!

  • toller retreiver 4 years ago

    about time

  • ManagerMatt1 4 years ago

    No such thing as “Natural” in any pro sport on earth…Drugs been in sports
    since the 1940s… The testing is a joke…

  • Asdrubal1977 4 years ago

    Players like Omar Vizquel Andrés Galarraga “NATURALS” never cause damage to
    the spectacle of major league players like these really deserve go to the
    hall of fame. RIDICOULUS =A ROD with Supposed Good Health need drugs to
    caugth upon a MLB Level; Andrés Galarraga played MLB AFTER DEFEATED CANCER

  • Scott Payne 4 years ago

    Not guilty! =_= REV 18

  • Ghetto Yorel 4 years ago

    Like THEY say in NASCAR,”if you aint cheatin you ain’t trying”

  • toughdogyt 4 years ago

    Fight it!!! Baseball and Sportswriter hypocrisy is BS. I hope he fights and

  • ManagerMatt1 4 years ago

    There is no testing for Human Growth Hormone… lol… They have a couple
    that could detect high levels of IGF-1 with in 90 minutes of injection…
    But no testing that would hold up in a court of law… This suspension is
    to save the Yankees 100 million…

  • Ghetto Yorel 4 years ago

    Funny The NFL,may have many,many more players using PED’s than, MLB but
    nobody says SHIT about that!

  • alansjf33 4 years ago

    He should have gotten more than 150 games in my view.

  • SevenOneKicks 4 years ago

    All those dudes look like amateurs compared to Rachel Nichols

  • Juan Nuñez 4 years ago

    Only A-ROD? no way!!!!! there are too many things under the table that mlb
    doesnt want anybody to know, but telling alex is the one is like hitting
    the ball outside the park without using a bat. MLB wants to retire the man,
    just like with sammy, george bell, manny ramirez, pete rose, and so many
    others. at first 101 players and then only 12? who is next the big papi?
    pujols? bautista? soriano? wilin rosario?

  • Asdrubal1977 4 years ago

    Let’s Rescue a Polite Baseball

  • Asdrubal1977 4 years ago

    We must be honest 20 years ago MLB had respectfull and honest baseball
    players now it’s a fantasy baseball drugs players alcoholic players as a
    matter of fact law breakers players. Can you imagine A-ROD (Drug Player)
    facing Nolan Ryan; Can you imagine Miguel Cabrera (Alcoholic nad with bad
    domestic behavior = hits his wife) facing Nolan Ryan, Dave Steward, Jack
    Morris. Please for a authentic Major League Baseball must be fired off
    without return this kind of False Major leaguers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asdrubal1977 4 years ago

    If you need a hard honest color commentor for latin America please contact
    me I was prospect of MLB for Colorado Rockies at 1990 and a Proud
    Venezuelan Baseball player and over all the baseball that I Lived and
    always remember “Baseball of Naturals”