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  • Peter Feltis 3 years ago

    I want baseball again

  • Rupture31591 3 years ago

    Baseball greatest sport ever!

  • Elijah Ackerman 3 years ago

    Getting rid of this theme was the stupidest thing ever done in the history
    of television

  • Antonio Gonzalez 3 years ago

    I have my phone connected to Bluetooth speaker so every time an inning
    starts-especially in the playoffs, I drown out the shitty NFL theme with
    this theme!

  • Lee Irwin 3 years ago

    The moose is loose in baltimore!!!

  • Joe Burns 3 years ago

    Every time I play baseball for my team I always listen to this before the
    games. It pumps me up

  • Tayone Pender 3 years ago

    Fox Produces the best themes for their sports.

  • MateoKalifas420 3 years ago

    Let’s Go Giants!

  • Adam Gillispie 3 years ago

    i always thought that this theme song was the most epic in sports…i
    absolutely loved it growing up watching the playoffs it would get me all
    pumped up haha

  • Julie Steel 3 years ago


  • Ozzy Bugarin 3 years ago

    1:28 got me really jazzed up!

  • eric magnifico 3 years ago
  • Drew Zuhosky 3 years ago

    The cue at 1:28 sounds very much like Metallica.

  • canadianozomi 3 years ago

    can’t sleep after listening this.

  • billny33 3 years ago

    nice job. I thought Fox’s coverage was a lot better for using these older
    themes and it felt very generic and shitty when it just went to the NFL
    theme for everything. I think they even used it for their UFC and NASCAR
    coverage too now. They think it represents their FOX brand since NFL was
    the first sport they covered and thus is their longest running and most
    recognizable theme music. I just think it’s lazy and not as appropriate for
    the other sports.

  • Hellfire1535 3 years ago

    Red Sox for a repeat lets do this! #Boston Strong

  • Douglas Sanchez 3 years ago

    Man baseball was so much better when this version of the song was around in
    the late 90s early 2000s.. I don’t wanna hear that crap about the steroid
    era. The fact is steroids made baseball exciting. You didn’t have fans
    falling asleep and texting the whole game like you do now. It was
    entertaining to watch teams that really hated each other go at it. Now not
    just in baseball in all sports except hockey it’s all buddy buddy soft
    sports. Yes we still watch but in the next 10 to 20 years if this boring
    brand no fun league philosophy keeps up we as fans are gonna get sick of
    watching professional sports. 

  • Kraig Industers 3 years ago

    All FSN affiliates except FS North and FS Northwest (now ROOT Sports)
    continued to use this theme until the end of the 2010 MLB season.

  • realblackhart 3 years ago

    Why the NFL theme replaced this is ridiculous! To be honest FOX and MLB
    extending their contract and not being able to listen to this makes me wish
    NBC should have outbid FOX. Nomore Joe Buck please!

  • Jim Malven 3 years ago

    Who recorded this?

  • loversmikako 3 years ago

    Le’s Go Oakland!!!!

  • bwburkeMusic 3 years ago

    IT’S BACK!

  • Joshua Victor 3 years ago

    FOX Baseball Theme > FOX Football Theme


    Let’s go Marlins, Let’s go!!!!!!!

  • Roman Ruiz 3 years ago

    Yes Joe Buck can replace Al Michaels & Jim Nantz in the heartbeat