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  • Frigity Frig 4 years ago

    Big papi #400… This video doesn’t really include milestones. Great video
    without a doubt though.

  • Munro Maldonado 4 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    From @ericandhispeeps

  • Mike G 4 years ago

    where do you find the 2008 videos in such high quality? On MLB.com for me
    it is very low quality. Can you get videos from earlier than 2008 in that

  • TheMunro122 4 years ago

    i love it!!!

  • Zachary Brice 4 years ago

    are there any Os cuz they been reel good better then your phils and still
    nothing no machado no Jones no DAVIS!!!!!!! no markakis no wieters no hardy
    4 of those guys won gold gloves and still none of them are in this its sad
    just sad and dont call me a hatter for speaking the truth other wise great

  • ericandhispeeps 4 years ago

    It’s weird because some of the vids are extremely low quality and others
    and good quality. So I’m not really sure

  • ericandhispeeps 4 years ago