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  • SportsGamer214 3 years ago

    The reason why they added nothing to this game is because 2K Sports wanted
    players to be playing baseball in the present by changing the Houston
    Astro’s Logo, and switching the team from National League to American
    League so it could be even. So, both leagues have 15 teams.

  • Nicolas Alucema 3 years ago

    I am sad it’s gone cause what about xbox users? They don’t have a baseball
    game except RBI Baseball

  • corey hart 3 years ago

    My Xboxlive record is 300-55 ranked 421 and I only use the Mets
    KingHart1024 my gametag 

  • Megadethfans Areajoke 3 years ago

    This is a good game. People don’t like it I notice but I love it

  • CHaoTicVeNOmZ 3 years ago

    The show looks way better I think I will go ps4

  • Lliana Alarcon 3 years ago

    look bobyjames1000 you fucking stupid because mlb 2k13 dosent has graphics
    and i have that game and is nothing like mlb 13 the show the show is better
    than that crap mlb is better than that fucking crap you morron

  • joe fro 3 years ago

    That is a lot

  • ddalanyi 3 years ago

    I have MLB the show 13 and it sucks

  • Flávio Silva 3 years ago

    98 Koshien is better

  • DerekandJosh Buscus 3 years ago

    This is terrible. The 2K franchise is known for excelling in NBA games, but
    this is EMBARRASSING. There is absolutely nothing different about this
    game. Same game play, and same everything. It’s bad. Hopefully there will
    be a brand new format next year.

  • Jairus414 3 years ago

    i love the pitching though

  • MrMetalSnowman 3 years ago

    I love That Blue Oyster Cult is on the soundtrack.

  • habs4life41 3 years ago

    Lmao starting to be like COD same thing every year, i think getting mlb2k12
    for 34$ w/nba would be better then this for 70$ with nba2k13 lmao…

  • Zion Reid 3 years ago

    This game is awful, 2k11 all the way.

  • jpcollins319 3 years ago

    Next year… There isn’t going to be a next year for this game

  • bravesfan1018 3 years ago

    They both have their own merits and downfalls but overall the show is

  • livinfrom510 3 years ago

    Yeah, basically the same. If you think you can pitch a perfect game, it’s
    worth getting.

  • bravesfan1018 3 years ago

    Well nobody expected 2K to do one this year and people thought EA would get
    in on it. Neither turned out to be true.

  • livinfrom510 3 years ago

    We should definitely do that!! Or one of us should go to the 2K studios and
    teach them what a real baseball game looks like!

  • RSRtoasteroven 3 years ago

    you misspelled faggot. You probably were still in diapers when mvp baseball
    2005 came out. One last thing do you have Black Ops 2? Do you like Black
    Ops 2?

  • Reviewer One Videos 3 years ago

    Actually, Id Say yes.

  • unknownsoldiersfan 3 years ago

    Wut the fuck is the point on buying this game same as 2k12 what a joke

  • xsgingerninja 3 years ago

    I like it

  • jaimeg123prmt 3 years ago

    what a shitty game.

  • jakroks99 3 years ago

    I had a ps3 andnplayed the show thwn I got an xbox and got this I felt it
    was horrible