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  • Tennis Now 4 years ago

    @MarijanissimaNS I am sorry you think I’m annoying. How can I make it

  • Tennis Now 4 years ago

    @MarijanissimaNS Everyone has their own opinions and you are entitled to
    yours. It’s funny because I used to not move my hands at all and people
    hated it but thank you for your thoughts.

  • MarijanissimaNS 4 years ago

    @TennisNowTV I’m journalist, and sorry, that’s my opinion. You gesticulate
    so much. After every sentence you say TZ like you don’t have enough saliva
    in your mouth. In every word you say, you open your mouth so much. That’s
    annoying, not convincingly. My english is not well yet, but I think you
    will understand. All best… And after all, that’s only one opinion. No
    hard feelings. :)))

  • pistachioguy 4 years ago

    She’s not annoying. Actually she’s kinda cute – looks like Renee Zellweger
    at bit.

  • Lee Ludtke 4 years ago

    great spanish accent lauren :P

  • MarijanissimaNS 4 years ago

    she is so annoying…aaaa…