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  • AlexHarrisTX723isLove 4 years ago

    I wonder when the last time he saw his penis.

  • lukutiss1324 4 years ago

    This guy wouldn’t even need any talent to get into the NFL if he just got
    into shape. Then again, he’s now 36 or 37 so it seems like it’s too late.
    He could have had a career in the NFL if he had added muscle to his body
    instead of fat.

  • Bartholomew Higgins 4 years ago

    Slowest guy off the ball since Elton John.

  • Joe Lackey 4 years ago

    He doesn’t seem to have any worth on the field. His reflexes and feet are
    incredibly slow, and his overall sense of field awareness is similar to
    that of a sloth.

  • Cecil Gaybody 4 years ago

    It doesn’t count if its just lard.

  • Zach Gilbert 4 years ago

    just have him sit in your 1 yard line, NO ONE will get by

  • Chris Manning 4 years ago

    As Gabriel Iglesias would say “Oh hell no!”

  • joe blow 4 years ago

    When he sit on the toilet..I bet he hides that motherfucker!!

  • Mark MacLeod 4 years ago

    a 350 pound athletic nfl center would run this guy over… Look how top
    heavy he is. Don’t be retarted he could never be in the nfl. Look at Haloti
    Ngata for christ sakes. Haloti is stronger, 350 pounds, and can catch rg3
    from behind. This guy couldnt catch a 1 legged dog 

  • Inachu Ikimasho 4 years ago

    even from his weight you can see its killing his knees. Lose the weight
    and just maybe they will let you on the NFL.

  • George S. 4 years ago

    The guy obviously posses SOME athletic ability. This is obvious just by the
    fact he plays semi-pro. Just seems like a shame this dude never cut down to
    390 and took his diet seriously. Guys of that size don’t come around too

  • Le Claire 4 years ago

    holy shit! he cant run for sure but he sure is unmovable

  • Andrew Alcantara 4 years ago

    god damn!!!

  • James Woodhouse 4 years ago

    What an athlete…… Just walk around him to get passed

  • Cal Wilson 4 years ago

    I`d imagine if he did get into the NFL they would have him work out
    constantly so ya. He could have ton of potential especially if they work
    with him. 

  • Mike Hawk 4 years ago

    Crazy, too powerful for the NFL, should he be flattered or disappointed?

  • Tyson GREENWADE 4 years ago


  • Dennis Rodman 4 years ago

    Man he would make a great offensive linemen but thats it sorry guys but hes
    too fat and to slow shed some pounds and shure but not now he will get
    killed in the nfl TO SLOW!!!!

  • howufigure8592 4 years ago

    too fat

  • cuaj vue 4 years ago

    would this apply to a kid that’s 5’4″ 144 lbs playing nose tackle?

  • bigvjza80 4 years ago

    He will get murdered in the nfl.

  • DFitten0109 4 years ago

    just big as shit no athletic ability. in the NFL those huge dudes are fast
    believe it or not can move laterally and backwards. He’d never make it to
    training camp.

  • Patrick Dye 4 years ago

    Biggest football player EVER

  • Sean Brady 4 years ago

    It doesnt matter how big he is he would get destroyed in the nfl, hes not
    strong hes fat. hes not quick at all and he can barely run. Hes not in the
    nfl because hes not an athlete hes just a big body that takes up space.

  • Trawn simon 4 years ago

    “one time i actually fell and he fell on top of me an i swear i had 2 boken