McMurray hits debris, brings out red flag

amie McMurray hits a piece of concrete and brings out the red flag as crews make repairs to the track at Dover International Speedway. For more NASCAR news, …




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  • PowerMagika 4 years ago

    Another reason why this channel is fucking cancer… Amie McMurray? Really?
    Who runs this channel because they’re all idiots. 

  • Joanse Castillo 4 years ago

    ¿Amie McMurray? who’s her?

  • eric barrios 4 years ago

    Jeez Sheetrock is weak as hell

  • SHRChevy4 4 years ago

    Funny how the guy who hit the concrete happens to be the one who won the
    Daytona 500 with that pothole. 

  • Falling Pictures Productions 4 years ago

    Amazing how these tracks fall into disrepair, and the fans think it’s cool
    and edgy until the pavement starts literally falling apart. Instances such
    as Martinsville 2004, Charlotte 2005, Daytona 2010, THIS.

  • Allen RWThree 4 years ago

    NASCAR should’ve let the #1 team work on that car during the red flag. It
    wasn’t their fault that 20 year old concrete fell apart and hit their car.