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  • 918Anon 4 years ago

    Miller is stoned as hell.

  • SevuhnElevuhn 4 years ago

    best comment ever

  • Jose Garza 4 years ago

    I can see why he does not get more interviews,Hey Mayhem if you want to
    make millions leave strike force and try the ufc.

  • FOOLinTHErain17 4 years ago

    @TheScribblerHardcore i see what your saying, i think he could compete and
    be top 10 or 15, but i dont think he would ever get into title contention.
    He could fight undercards with an appearance here and there on the main
    card, but he gets paid way more at strikeforce and dream so i doubt he
    would ever do that.

  • Christian Dilone 4 years ago

    LOL, Mayhem is my hero.

  • Shonem 4 years ago

    @monoforraptunes I think your first mistake was typing “Jason miller” or
    “Mayhem miller”, into the search bar.

  • Damelis Diaz 4 years ago

    Aww Mayhem’s super cute like he doesn’t even want to tlk with this guy nd
    is like God i wish this interview was over!

  • SupernaturalLove100 4 years ago

    jason’s lips look like some good kissing lips <3

  • gameover209X 4 years ago

    This dude is 1000X wittier than Nick… But in the ring in the cage on the
    streets Nick would have his way w/ his ass lol

  • TessaJoslin Campbell 4 years ago

    Let me get that! lol

  • libbyhull 4 years ago

    wow the interviewer has a really creepy voice. kinda stalker rapist type
    voice. Mayhem never ceases to amaze me. Never know what he’s going to say.

  • Nythial Martell 4 years ago

    @TheZombiepopsicle lol i wouldnt :p im a 145-155 pounder hes got weight on
    me :( anyway i like Miller but i just dont think hes good enough to compete
    in the UFC.

  • Nythial Martell 4 years ago

    @FOOLinTHErain17 well to be honest i just dont think he can compete as a
    middleweight in the Ufc have you seen the size of guys like Chael Sonnen ,
    Anderson Silva , Nate Marquat , they are huge compared to Mayhem.

  • littlemisslenny13 4 years ago

    I’d love to disco-tech with Mayhem Miller haha

  • FOOLinTHErain17 4 years ago

    @TheScribblerHardcore and Dana White is a total dick and if he doesnt like
    you, you dont get shit. and i dont dont think Dana is oo fond of him.
    However, i would love to see Mayhem vs Wanderlei… i think meyhem would
    get his ass beat, but still… Maybe it could happen in Dream, if Wanderlei
    gets the urge to return to Japan

  • Claire Marie Fox 4 years ago

    “There’s gonna be some… dinner involved…”

  • sdeevG 4 years ago

    Why is the interviewer talking in such a deep voice.

  • hookah777 4 years ago

    Miller: “bla bla. talking shit to interviewers face”.. Interviewer:
    Tihihihihihi. That’s so funny.. haha

  • Jose Garza 4 years ago

    yeah you are correct. mayhem as a fighter is not consistent.

  • Jose Garza 4 years ago

    why such hostility to the ufc fightfannerd3.do you have personal experience
    with Dana white.

  • TheZombiepopsicle 4 years ago

    @TheScribblerHardcore He’s had 1 fight in the ufc against GSP so ya take it
    how you will <.< the man has a hello kitty mouth guard I wouldn’t fuck with him lol

  • Shonem 4 years ago

    I would be annoyed too if someone asked me when I was fighting next (which
    he is probably asked that 100 times) even though he has no idea when that’s
    going to be. He probably asks strikeforce himself when his next chance to
    fight will be, they don’t seem to have an answer.

  • @918Anon Doesn’t look like it at all… Sometimes he just likes to fuck
    with interviewers… usually the (fake?) super friendly guys that get it
    the worst.

  • Case Morg 4 years ago

    hahahhahahha why are you whispering ,,lol ha ha jha

  • Nythial Martell 4 years ago

    @FOOLinTHErain17 sure he could be top 15-10 but yes he makes more money in
    dream and strikeforce cuz hes one of their most known fighters and best ,
    due to the difference in skill level in the ufc theyd never pay him as much
    or give him as much camera time, tho for some odd reason id love to see
    this guy square of with Wanderlei Silva.