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  • NBA Prime Time 4 years ago

    Go Matt Barnes standing up for his teammate 

  • Kendall Schoedel 4 years ago

    I agree with Barnes, you need to stand up for your teammates. 

  • josh taylor 4 years ago

    barnes is stupid

  • Kuli Baro 4 years ago

    Ibaka blocks Griffin, griffin gets mad and hold his hand, then Barnes comes
    in and pushes Ibaka like a bitch. Ibaka tried to punch him but felt sorry
    that he would end both their careers (Barnes be blind, and Ibaka in Jail. )
    - my interpretation. 

  • x310x310x 4 years ago

    “You’re a bitch”

  • ibaka had a perfect opportunity to give him a shot and pussed out

  • Quantum_tunneling 4 years ago

    i like Matt Barnes’ attitude. 

  • boypula 4 years ago

    fuck ya’ll who don’t like matt barnes, when nick young got whacked last
    week who stood up for him? no one! because metta and barnes are now on
    other teams and all that’s left on the lakers roster are a bunch of
    pussies! glad barnes stoop up for blake, that’s what i would’ve done! and
    fuck ibaka!

  • John Doe 4 years ago

    i love barnes , barnes doesnt take anybodys shit and he stands up for his

  • matthew blanco 4 years ago

    Matt Barnes would have got knocked the fuck out 

  • restyrestituto 4 years ago

    It’s all good, that’s just tensions flarrin’ which is common on BBall
    games. What disturbs me are the 2 commentators who, instead of calling it
    what it is, is blind to the fact that it was Griffin who pinned Ibakas
    hands and made it look like he was shoved like a doll. And the commentators
    are selling it as well. Barnes is a good teammate yes, but that is uncalled
    for. He seem to get involved in a lot of altercations and unecesary
    contacts which is disrespectful of the players and the game itself. Yes,
    BBall is a contact sport, but this is not the UFC this is NBA.

  • Tyrone White 4 years ago

    lucky Metta doesn’t play for OKC thats all I’m saying.

  • SignsOfMyRule1 4 years ago

    ibaka is a bum. look at that fighting pose. deserves back to back loss
    durant got to get hurt dough.

  • Handsome King 4 years ago

    Matt brings the UFC into the NBA lol. 

  • hoangphung86 4 years ago

    hitting on barnes’s nose like did with lebron, go.

  • Matt Waltons 4 years ago

    Blake griffin could kick any of those guys ass.

  • kysike666 4 years ago

    Ibaka’s a bitch

  • TheGamerLad7 4 years ago

    serge ibaka aint about that life

  • 11jdaly 4 years ago

    Ibaka is a cunt of the highest order. Matt Barnes is a cool guy.

  • Tom Oconner 4 years ago

    blake be doin that lil weak shit all the time rt holdin the arm and shit

  • pierronry 4 years ago

    “Now that you can review any play where there’s excessive conduct, the refs
    are never gonna miss anything.” 0:36


  • lasa324 4 years ago

    I agree Spencer

  • J91350 4 years ago

    Orh Where My Elephant Perkins?

  • John Richardson 4 years ago

    i love matt barnes

  • vic mott 4 years ago

    I wish ibaka made this same effort to get to ron artest when he tried to
    fight him. Guess he was scared of metta