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  • SaiyanMan King 4 years ago


  • samuel torres 4 years ago

    ppl please, dont watch this highlight and start judging the fight. you have
    to watch the whole match to even “THINK!!” who won. 

  • Pete Cip 4 years ago

    Ethnic bias ain’t getting any arguments nowhere. These two are great
    fighters. Peace!

  • Tavs96 4 years ago

    Pacquiao did beat Marquez in this fight and the 1.

  • dan banjod 4 years ago

    That move at 1:38 is the most beautiful piece of move and hit I’ve ever
    seen. His speed is ridiculous. He drew him in, moved his head, threw a
    devastating punch in the blink of an eye, and then change direction 180
    degrees to continue the assault. Hats off to both these warriors. Their
    fights will go down in history as some of the all time greats. 

  • Arj Guy 4 years ago

    114-113 for Pacquiao. 

  • shuun Lerms 4 years ago

    2 legends,4 classic fights

  • Arturo Coronado 4 years ago

    He got knocked DOWN , not out..learn the difference first

  • Free cp acounts Osegueda 4 years ago

    Great Fight!!!

  • Zapp760 4 years ago

    Beautiful fights…great fighters, future hall of famers. But the better
    fighter finally won..I love pacman and hopes he fights mayweather one day
    and gives him the ass beating of his life. 

  • Juanmanuel Venegas 4 years ago

    Kylevalerio boxing is scored on a point system, if pacquiao knocked marquez
    down he got a score of 10-6 but lost all other rounds except one in my
    opinion so after the 6 marquez was winning the fight. Learn the rules!

  • Junior Lopez 4 years ago

    1:38 JMM got connected with Mannys dangerous and and vicious left hand and
    was able to withstand the punch! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! If it were
    anybody else he would have hit the canvas! JJM doesn’t have the best chin
    but like a warrior always gets back up and like always still able to
    continue! VIVA JMM!

  • Zack Fair 4 years ago

    HAhahahah LOOOL Can’t stop LOL 1:38 HAhahha LOOL XDD

  • jofiel brandon victoria victoria 4 years ago


  • Rapoholic Btm 4 years ago

    how the hell is 2nd round tie when manny pacquiao clearly knock out marquez?

  • Emanuel Pacquiao 4 years ago

    @collingoat What about Andre Ward,Zab Judah and Pilipino Donaire hiring
    convicted PEDs dealar Conte? If its Ok for them to hire a PEDs expert then
    Marques has a right to hire Heredia. And Juan said I welcome ant test
    anytime anywhere. So you are very stupid my friend.

  • jerome cabrera 4 years ago

    watch the fights and think again

  • K. Hajj 4 years ago

    i agree with you too. but he did win the first 2 hands down. hopefully pac
    will get better soon

  • torito880 4 years ago

    Looking back at the four fights that these two fighters had, I have to say
    that Marquez went down 5 times, but he got up all five of them. Pacquiao
    only touched the canvas twice, but he just got up once.

  • ObieG93 4 years ago

    Best PPV fight I ever order!

  • collingoat 4 years ago

    I’m not a pacquiao fan you dumbfuck. I’m a mayweather fan. But im also a
    huge boxing fan & bodybuilder with a lot of experience in boxing & the use
    of PEDs. I’m callin it like I see it…and in my experineces i’m laughing
    jajaja or haha at the idea that JMM was clean for this 4th fight. He showed
    all the signs…in fact there was not one sign to convince me otherwise.
    Hop off JMM’s dick & think objectively or realize that most boxing fans
    will always question JMM in the 4th fight. sorry puta

  • xiong yang 4 years ago

    Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez knows each other so well… They
    both are great fighter and has a big heart… Respect to both of them… I
    want to see a 5th fight.

  • Johnny Rocket 4 years ago

    Marquez publicly stated he was willing to be blood tested anytime. PacRoid
    walked away from 50 Million Dollars because he did not want to take a blood
    test. Case closed. Biggest fraud in boxing is Manny PacRoid. youtube it.
    Floyd Mayweather says “IM A RICH COWARD” manny pacquiao juan manuel marquez
    cotto nonito jeremy lin /watch?v=HQSE5Ymh3ro

  • salinas831100 4 years ago

    Marquez won all fights anybody so says otherwise is a pactard