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  • IcantThinkOfAname9 4 years ago

    How did the ring doctor allow marg face to get that bad? 

  • David Fischer 4 years ago

    I enjoyed this fight because everyone underestimated Pacquiao’s speed and
    foot movement, being able to move in and out like that all night long
    against a much bigger man, a guy who hurt guys like Cotto and company. Very
    impressive win, though I enjoyed the Cotto fight better, Pacquiao
    dismantled him, Cotto has never enjoyed talking about that fight since.

  • Ironheart73 4 years ago

    Margarito is a BUM. Big Uncoordinated Motherfucker. He has a very heavy
    foot, and if he was any slower, he could grow a nest on his head. Of course
    Pacquiao will smoke him. His only strategy is to move forward and throw his
    huge right. Margarito is overrated. His most significant win was against
    Cotto using loaded handwraps. He did not even deserve this shot at Pacquiao

  • Ironheart73 4 years ago

    Problem with Pacquiao is that he was always pitted against someone who is
    perfect for his style. Fighters who pretty much just move forward, and
    could not counter for shit. The way to beat Pacquiao is to box him. Marquez
    drew the blueprint and executed it perfectly

  • Joey Gonza 4 years ago

    If Margarito is nothing, I guess Shane Mosley’s win and title were
    worthless too.
    And beating Shane was worthless as well.

  • jonjon3009 4 years ago

    +Ironheart73 jmm was getting his ass beat while he looked for that big
    counter punch. 

  • Nathan Mangarin 4 years ago

    2:15 Pacquiao’s left hook. Damnnnnn

  • 4u25out 4 years ago

    People often asked Pacquiao why he did not finish/KO his opponents, as
    you/we can see here in the 11th round he looked at the Ref, as to say
    “please stop the fight”. Pacquiao is very cool and humble guy.

  • Fred Kaiba 4 years ago

    If may and Pac fought May would win by points, jabbing and running which is
    his strategy. ..not a bad one but it makes for boring fights(yes I do like
    Floyd cuz of his remarkable defense which is beautiful) but if may would
    beat Pac so easily like everyone says then why not just go ahead and fight
    Pac break the record in ppv sold get the biggest purse ever(since he’s
    moneymay) and out box Pac easily. I thought everyone loves easy money….
    obviously there’s some fear from floyd. Some folks would say Pac is
    undeserving , but as I’ve seen some of Mays last few fights couple ppl he
    faced were undeserving as well. I love both fighters I just wanna see the
    matchup. .. I’m tired of the excuses. Imo may wins but Pac won’t get hurt
    easy pay day for both 

  • heter221 4 years ago

    Ironheart 73: Margarito also beat Sergio Martinez, Maravilla is not a bad
    win to have on your resume

  • kazumi sayuki 4 years ago

    the f*ck? he’s tall!!

  • Ivan Martinez 4 years ago

    Just a big version of rios

  • djbo mj 4 years ago

    MAGArito, MAGAroon hahaha..Margarito look like pussy……

  • Angel Lucifer 4 years ago

    And compared to Rios. Margarito landed a few good punch to pacqiauo. Rios
    is just standing and just mock pacqiao shaking his head, that’s not ganna
    work specially when your fighting an elite fighters. he should throw jabs
    than mock pacqiaou. imagine if he face mayweather or Bradley. he will eat
    different kinds of jabs with different angles. simply outclass. provodnikov
    will make his Tongue bleed? 

  • Harvin Javier 4 years ago

    People were like, “Pacquiao win all his fight because he fights opponents
    with styles that suite him, he drains them” well consider him as a
    flyweight…….do u think mayweather, or marquez will be able to
    accomplish what he has done? eight division world champion? i dont even
    think marquez can dominate margarito or cotto

  • Nilo Orca 4 years ago

    MARGARITO GOT HIS FACE SMASHED!!!! But “it didn’t hurt”. He only has a
    permanent eye damage ….still lying about it. 

  • Christopher Rothermel 4 years ago

    Sorry to say it but Marquez was getting his fukin ass beat that last fight
    he just got a lucky punch and he fukin knows it. He looked fukin shook
    coming out after the fifth round. Everybody knows he was getting his ass
    beat. Excellent matchup though. They make some great fights together.
    Unlike all the mayweather snoozefests. Nobody sees him in fights of the
    decade. Fukin sleep through his shit. 

  • Jhunmarie Capales 4 years ago

    From flyweigth to super welterweigth. The only boxer who won 8 division
    title manny is a legend.

  • jubbajoo 4 years ago

    garcia fighters start with the smiling but they stop it after their faces
    start to hang off, garica could have stopped this after the 7th just like
    the rios fight

  • iBoYube 4 years ago

    rios and margarito were together that the same time they lost from Pacquiao
    Punchung Bag for both damnass! Just respect them.

  • Jose Dimasalang 4 years ago

    Gayweather git small dick..

  • cindy robles 4 years ago

    pacquiao is just so brave!!i salut you pacman..

  • Angel Lucifer 4 years ago

    For me Margarito has a better fighting records than Rios. Because Margarito
    fought 3 fighters like prime Cotto,Shane mosley, Joshua Clothey and
    pacquaio. Rios just Alvarado and pacqiaouo… n_n 

  • cyrus138 4 years ago

    fuck everlast, fuck fairtex, fuck pro boxing equipment…i heard robert
    garcia makes really good punching bags.

  • El Manana 4 years ago

    even rios and margarito will fight pacquiao in the same time they’re not
    gonna win