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  • feb4512 3 years ago

    funniest thing on you tube i seen so far. Got to understand Mancs to know
    why they keep dancing arsenalgooner

  • Erich King 3 years ago

    that must be the worst quality video on here….

  • feb4512 3 years ago

    I been a manc all my life and dont really know I still can find myself
    watching it time and time again..and why not dance like that hee heeee No
    one else in the world does I am sure ;)

  • 19leevan90 3 years ago

    it all goes back to the happy mondays and the stone roses like bez dancen
    in the happy mondays

  • lolmancunt 3 years ago

    they takin the piss out of liam gallagher because of the way he acts.

  • I don't want to put my real name 3 years ago


  • pacagent13 3 years ago

    nice one!!

  • inthearea1977 3 years ago

    It’s a parody of the way the Madchester greats used to dance…. it’s
    mostly Bez from the mondays, with a fair bit of Madchester era Ian Brown
    thrown in as well. The outfits are modelled on Liam from Oasis. And yes,
    lads still dance like that in clubs around the city. Manchester Vibes in
    the area :)

  • hasablad69 3 years ago

    My wife loves “Coronation Street”, the show about a Manchester Street. I
    always point out to her,”Yeah, it’s the show about Manchester, where all
    the characters have mostly London accents. What a joke!

  • Clarkie444 3 years ago

    cant find understand mancs anywhere. why do they keep dancing?

  • hasablad69 3 years ago

    Yeah, but it’s still a good question – what’s with the dancing? Yes, I know
    that it’s obviously a parody but of what specific Mancs trait exactly?
    Please explain. Even not knowing what it’s a specific parody of, it’s still
    a hilarious bit of situation comedy.

  • feddo62 3 years ago

    @whattheholf91 and ian brown