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  • PowderTime123 4 years ago

    Yo i swear lmao, im so happy David told who ever called em Transphobic

  • Waldo 4 years ago

    gяαη∂мα gσєѕ нαя∂ xD

  • Jemel One Five 4 years ago

    Apologies for being annoying – iMake Rant videos – if you have 30 seconds
    please take a look at my work – thanks :D

  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    “You already know the content you’re going to get”.

    You already know people are going to comment when you post content on
    Youtube. Why do you post videos if you’re just going to complain about
    people commenting?

    Maybe Joe is a “sensitive little bitch”.

    You post content on a public forum. People comment on your content. Welcome
    to the internet.

  • Kenyatta Brant 4 years ago

    Yeah, those women would have got the hands and I’m not even a fighter….
    I’m a lover!!!

  • Angie La 4 years ago

    Very good point David! Also I liked the ending where they talked about the
    comments section because it really applies in the social media a lot -.- 

  • noodles6669 4 years ago

    To be honest I didnt agree with what jkn said about that drivers licence
    story. I still didnt leave a comment or dislike the video though. I just
    have a disagreement. This is their opinion. The issue I have is that many
    of their news stories are old as fuck. Please do newer stories, it could
    just be a few but sometimes I read something in the newd and 3 or 4 weeks
    later I see it on jkn. 

  • sydandtaytum 4 years ago

    i actually disagree with jknews’ stance on the drivers’ license story. i
    feel like your drivers license picture should best represent what you look
    like on an average day. if you are a male who wears makeup on an average
    day, then that should be what the license looks like. i feel it would be
    MORE confusing if someone who was transgender (but didnt have their surgery
    yet) has a license that listed the opposite sex of what their actual sex
    parts are. they would then be thrown in jail with the sex they AREN’T—
    isn’t THAT wrong???

  • Immajeanyus 4 years ago

    I think sleeping at a baseball game shows dedication. Have three jobs,
    three kids, three baby’s moms, and still find time to go to a baseball

  • Olivysg 4 years ago

    I understand your point of view JKF crew, Ever since I’ve been subscribe up
    to this day I’ve never had any real negative comment about your work
    because you guys are raw as fuck and it’s really a type of humor that
    connects with me. But I can also understand the point of view of some, not
    all, but some haters. Not everyone has the same approach to some of the
    subjects you guys are tackling, the moment someone’s opinion makes him look
    like a little bitch is where you draw the line between maturity and
    immaturity. Anyone who feels sensible towards a subject shouldn’t be tossed
    aside just because he’s emotional about it. I understand that this is
    comedy, so people should keep in mind, even though this is about real
    subject matter, Comedy doesn’t have the same boundaries as opinions, but
    when opinions get mixed into comedy, people have some right to nitpick
    about it. (NITPICK, not full-on flaming guerrilla warfare, for fuck sakes).

  • GuN Sh0t 4 years ago

    why is it Ft. David So if he is always here now lol

  • 979JuJu 4 years ago

    10:23 – You tell ‘em David and Joe! Did you hear that, you guys? Quit being
    sensitive little bitches because you’re taking it the wrong way and you
    don’t know what the hell you’re talking about half the time! 

  • Tiffany Liu 4 years ago

    I think they keep getting progressively ruder. :c Sometimes it’s funny but
    sometimes they’re plain ragging on their viewers (?) 

  • Kathine Chen 4 years ago

    oh my friggin god today some ignorant fuck came up to me with the rest of
    his white friends and they all said to me, “omg i love sushi”. i wanted to
    wheel around and backhand that shit so badly but i was on my way to pick up
    my sister and also i was outnumbered so i held my tongue. god i regret not
    kicking his ass right there and then but after watching this vid i calmed

  • Falconshuffle24 4 years ago

    Wait…if you leave your stuff at the beach you don’t expect it to get
    stolen..? Where was this?

  • Tony Shen 4 years ago

    The internet is the greatest thing to ever exist but also the worst thing.
    People are so fucking sensitive and ignorant on the internet its
    ridiculous, its impossible to try to make any points or argue with like 80%
    of the people 

  • JustKiddingNews 4 years ago
  • Ali .Z 4 years ago

    People need to understand that true comedy has no boundaries, whether it be
    racist, sexist or offensive. The intention behind every joke is laughter
    not to offend someone.

  • Coralena 4 years ago

    What I don’t get is how you guys can be so upset over racism about
    minorities while simultaneously being racist to white people. Not all white
    people are ignorant fucks. I’m white and grew up as a minority in a
    primarily Black and Mexican town. It bugs me that people assume just
    because of the color of my skin that I’m a certain way. What’s worse is
    that because I’m white I’m trivialized for pointing this out. I grew up
    hearing gun shots out my window yet because of the color of my skin I’m
    suddenly privileged. Maybe if racism bugs you all so much stop being

  • generalshenanigans15 4 years ago

    And the public education system’s failure can be thanked for the mass

  • Miki Yu 4 years ago

    can you do without the rants at the end? that part made the video end on a
    stressful note :/

  • Tedsta101 4 years ago

    How the hell does Bart think that the guy at the beginning was douchey for
    saying, “Seriously?” If anything, he was being chill about it by laughing
    it off. 

  • Barbellbro12 4 years ago

    I think it’s crazy how in American culture sueing is so accepted. Here in
    Holland sueing is a last resort kinda thing and here you don’t get sued
    over some little shit for some crazy high amount of money. Not bashing you
    Americans, I just find the cultural difference interresting.

  • GDLizzay 4 years ago

    Soooo………I think I’m attracted to David So………