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  • Trevor Grimshaw 4 years ago

    See how the Houston Astros with consent from Major League Baseball will
    showcase a gun on their uniform this spring – and we’re calling for a
    boycott! In our Hispanic Media Report, see how Jennifer Lopez, Marc
    Anthony, Univision and Fox are taking Latin American TV by storm with
    “Q’Viva”. And see our newest franchise which tells you what’s going on with
    18 – 34 TV viewers: The TV News : The Next Generation.
    Major League Baseball Uniforms Showcase GUNS! TV Industry News 3.12.12

  • thetvnews 4 years ago

    UpThePunx87, toadman506, chrislunker: We’ll refer all of your comments to
    the over 600,000 people who have been gunned down in America since the Colt
    45′s/Astros came into existence. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of sympathy for
    your point of view. BTW – 600K gunned down – including JFK, RFK & MLK
    represent nearly 50% more than were killed in WWII. So let’s spead the word
    that guns are great and should adorn a Major League Baseball uniform.

  • toadman506 4 years ago

    Idiot is far too Kind..Simpering Coward is closer. never understood how
    some folks could be so utterly terrified by the sight of an inanimate

  • Joe SkiLove 4 years ago

    How is this news??? It’s a throwback jersey!!! I guess that we should teach
    in schools the the Revolutionary War was actually a rousing game of dodge
    ball and not fought with muskets. People amaze me with the nonsense they
    complain about,

  • chrislunker 4 years ago

    What an idiot. A gun in the hand of a law abiding citizen is no threat to
    anyone but a criminal.