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  • mufcsledge 3 years ago

    American sports are so boring.

  • Scott Stovel 3 years ago

    That comes out on my birthday!!!!!! :)

  • Dan Rios 3 years ago

    If soccer were a sport…lol extra time, shoot outs, freaking sissy game!
    extra innings until there is a winner! No ties,EVER! even little league
    baseball with 12-14 year olds doesn’t end in a tie and we have more umpires
    on a smaller field because WE know what is important! TIES ARE FOR THE
    WEAK! soccer ‘futball’ sucks!!

  • mohammadzafar 3 years ago

    this game has been – and probably will be – one of the worst sport games

  • Scott Stovel 3 years ago

    Fucking Brits don’t know what a real sport is. Golf is better than soccer

  • STEPHEN HUGHES 3 years ago

    Lol graphics look gd but why r bloody developers not mking more rugby games
    we ave rc nd rwc 2011 but ea shud mke rugby 12

  • boytuhab 3 years ago

    @2194gaming are you fucking serious? hahaha