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  • LoyaltyRon 3 years ago

    Check my profile for mlb 2k10 gameplay everyone right now

  • chisoxnbears 3 years ago


  • LosEagle 3 years ago

    name of the song ? :)

  • Ryan Meinen 3 years ago

    @the1and1only1 why is this game so SHIT?

  • Ryan Meinen 3 years ago

    @suckmydickgurl whats so bad about the 2k9 game

  • strawberryshort99 3 years ago

    @s***m*d***g***, Secondly look at the way the chest pad straps around the
    back of catcher’s back, MLB 2k does a much better job. If you inspect all
    footage found in “The Show,” the chest pad straps around the back FLOATS in
    the air. In MLB 2k, these straps actually are strapped to the body. In
    other words, visually, “MLB 2k” chest pads looks more functional more so
    than simply visual as that seen in “The Show.” Again, I love “The Show” but
    you have to give credit where credit is due.

  • greenday2000 3 years ago

    I hope this game is good, all I want is a normal played, easily controlled
    baseball game. The graphics look sweet, I hope they don’t f*** up the game
    play like they have in the past..

  • strawberryshort99 3 years ago

    @s***m*d***g***, First, I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of “The Show,” but with
    regards to MLB 2k catcher’s gear, you might want to consider taking a
    second look. Inspect everything the catcher wears, because quite frankly
    “MLB 2k” does it better than “The Show” with respect to what the catcher
    wears OVERALL. “The Show” catcher’s chest pad is MUCH larger compared to
    real life. MLB 2k has the chest pad done better than “The Show”. Real life
    chest pad are suppose to be smaller just like it is in MLB 2k.

  • Kevin Edmondson 3 years ago

    i like 2k games

  • Basesloaded4 3 years ago


  • the1and1only1 3 years ago

    its the same as every other year! SHIT!

  • RedSoxNation92 3 years ago

    same here, dude the show 10 is gonna own!

  • Steven Peake 3 years ago

    perfect choice of music

  • Hrdt0snipe 3 years ago

    playstation is better for baseball because is has mlb the show but i have a
    xbox 360 so im getting mlb 2k10

  • Alex Ebert 3 years ago

    yeah i read that i have something to be excited for :)

  • nick1313100 3 years ago


  • Ryan Meinen 3 years ago

    @AlanDMoore why were 2k8 and 2k9 bad

  • dyeballer0012 3 years ago

    does any one know if there is gonna be a be a pro mode in this?

  • Harrison Strevens 3 years ago

    Yes, Shiti field looks so much more accurate in this game. Hopefully when I
    play as the mets all the balls I hit will die in the outfield just like in
    real life

  • TIMMIAY 3 years ago

    Why can’t they make the players look similar to real life just like the

  • Alan Moore 3 years ago

    I like MLB 2K7 MLB2K8 & MLB2K9 were just awful. I hope MLB2K10 is better,
    I’ll wait until I see the gameplay, you can’t tell if a game is good by the
    game trailers.

  • Thanh Nguyen 3 years ago

    This game has a lot of potential but the Bugs, and the Laggy field play
    really puts this game 6 feet under, compared to The Show on the ps3.

  • Tsaunders1307 3 years ago

    mlb 2k10 is much much more improved

  • Ryan Meinen 3 years ago

    @jdblink18t2 why is it so awful?

  • jared4wally 3 years ago

    think god i had have a ps3.