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  • TheeMidnightMarauder 3 years ago

    The best defense I have ever seen in College basketball. Louisville is a
    very well coached team. I knew, after watching them destroy Syracuse a few
    weeks prior to the final dance, that they’d win the championship. They trap
    hard; they switch on defense hard; they rotate over extremely well; its
    just beautiful to watch. What a great team. Rick Pitino is a hell of a

  • TheTruth4k 3 years ago

    L1C4, that’s all I can say :)

  • Justin Bowen 3 years ago

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  • The Munsta 3 years ago

    Who is the 100 year old commentator? He is getting on my nerves… >:C

  • johnny joe the king 3 years ago

    +TheeMidnightMarauder that 2012 kentucky team was by far a better defensive
    team than louisvilles team, theres proof too cuz look at there defensive
    stats vs Louisvilles that same year n they had almost the exact same
    players n 2012 than n 2013

  • Ethan S. 3 years ago

    Wow..what a great game watching it again. Some Michigan fans and UK fans
    may try to say that Michigan got robbed, which makes no sense, because
    there were little controversial calls at all. And if you wanna bring up
    officiating, how about Chane Behanan getting absolutely hacked while
    getting 3 or 4 offensive rebounds in a row, and no calls? There are tons
    more very questionable calls, but none even with 2 or 3 minutes left. It
    was all basketball then. Louisville was clearly the better team and is
    clearly one of the best teams that played together and when playing
    together is almost unstoppable. There is no denying that. That Louisville
    team is arguably one of the best ever. It may have not been full of NBA
    stars, but great team players and college basketball players. Lets not
    forget they have a Hall of Fame coach on the sideline. 

  • SlackVlogs 3 years ago

    If only Burkes block counted

  • maffe13 3 years ago

    arent those inboundpasses a backcourt violation? or are there some
    different roules in college basketball (sorry for my english)

  • Chandler Purcell 3 years ago

    Mich got screwed!! Pitino is a scum bag

  • Keesa M 3 years ago

    Good game. Very good game and a great atmosphere.

  • 313khari 3 years ago

    too bad louisville got put out by KU

  • William White 3 years ago

    Dick Vitale almost ruins this for me. He’s a pretty good writer, but his
    voice irritates me beyond reason. Every time there is a nationally relevant
    UofL game on TV, I pray to Odin that Dick isn’t commentating.

  • AllTimeTeckerz 3 years ago

    commentator is really annoying 

  • Max Grissom 3 years ago

    One of the commontators is having a heart attack

  • Michael Stallworth 3 years ago

    I HOPE Jim Nantz will not be covering the home game against UK this year.
    Rather prefer Verne Lundquist (alongside Bill ‘ONIONS’ Raftery), Marv
    Albert or Kevin Harlan (covered the @Cincinnati game).

  • jesse brown 3 years ago

    louisville all did it for Kevin ware

  • lilduke31 3 years ago

    lol! 1:30:35

  • Alex Riderr 3 years ago

    whats with his voice

  • Fred Nichols 3 years ago

    google murderface fonzi

  • aaron hadley 3 years ago

    I still say that even though Spike was on fire, there was no excuse for
    Burke to sit for over 15 minutes in the first half. Talk about making a
    player ice cold, and he scored the first 7 points. This game is almost
    similar to how Michigan lost to Kentucky this season. Michigan couldn’t
    finish in the 2nd half.

  • 7000ironman 3 years ago

    this google thing on youtube SUCKS!!!!

  • Official5289Oliver 3 years ago

    please start calling trey burke tb3. spread the word.

  • Patrick Gifford 3 years ago


  • Brian Pyles 3 years ago

    LOUEVIL could have a Dynasty on their hands…Keep On Keeping On!!

  • vinwald 3 years ago

    I just found this video… I forgot what a really good game this was… and
    that there was a lot of talent out on that court. Thanks for posting.