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  • Izanagi 3 years ago

    <~~~~~Black guy who doesn't agree with this bullshit. Donald wasn't expressing hate. It sounded as if he wqs expressing some form of jealousy or maybe he had racist friends in high places but it definitely wasn't hate on that tape. He never dropped the N~bomb which rolls right off the tongue. The things he said were said privately to hos side chick * If you have one leave that hoe alone now. They're no good for you* Make him pay money and maybe not let him go to a few games until this cools down. Make him apologize even! Not ban the man from the nba -_- over this. Black people get a bad rep because it is true it's a lot of men of color out there doing a lot of dumb shit. Making life harder for everyone around them but it's also a lot of us who are as tired of that bullshit as Donald sterling seems to be. 

  • Ravinia love 3 years ago

    that’s fucking crazy…this man didn’t do nothing wrong! Leave him the fuck
    alone! I’m so ashamed to be black right now. Smh. Fuck that I’m changing my
    race to ” other” …. lol. People gonna ask me my race I’m gonna just say ”
    im other” … other what? Birch I’m other that’s my race lol 

  • buster grubs 3 years ago

    This 17 teen year old wouldn’t give you or me a 2nd fucking look. What a
    bunch of shit. He didn’t even know she was mexican and black or she’s 17.
    He didn’t even know the players were black and 7 ft. for the last 30 years.
    That’s how he became a billionaire, he’s stupid. All the Clipper’s have
    pledge to help the black community by selling their newest line of fucking

  • Stan McDaniel 3 years ago

    Why is that greasey monkey Al Sharpton not fined every time he opens his
    blue gum lipss.???? Until you can explain this then I DONT LIKE BLACK
    PEOPLE . They b o bunch oh racsims noam sayn . Only whites are racist. 

  • 528theone 3 years ago

    What he said and meant by what he said I cannot take seriously because it
    was taken out of context. Only his voice is on the tape, what was he
    responding to or talking about… was he being sarcastic? You know what
    offends me… breaking the Commandment: Thou shalt not falsely accuse thy
    neighbor! God bless this poor man, if he says that was not what he meant,
    then that is not what he meant. We are all hypocrites if we allow an out of
    context comment to prevail. People do this to the Bible all the time!
    First, they hated God… then they will also hate you. You are all suckers,
    duped, had and taken for fools.

  • jason watts 3 years ago


  • pontiacGXPfan 3 years ago

    Man, fuck Sterling! This is during a time when white men finally have to
    watch what they say. He deserve what he got coming to him. Two and a half
    mil might not be much but when his wife divorces him, dude will be lucky to
    get a job parking cars at the strip club after this is all said and done.

  • jason watts 3 years ago


  • WorldBreakingNews 3 years ago