The longest home runs ever hit in the history of Major League Baseball. Watch in 720p so you can actually see the baseballs.




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  • Greg Jay 3 years ago

    Furthest ball I ever hit,was on an open diamond I don’t know how far it
    went but I got all the way around the home plate on it.and I’ve never been
    a very fast runnerbut when you count distance are you counting distance in
    the air or total distance with the roll?

  • pokey gorilla 3 years ago

    There’s nothing like playing in the outfield and a bomb is hit over your
    head. I was playing left field in high school and this kid hit a shot that
    had to be around 440 feet, I didn’t even move, just stared.

  • xhemexx 3 years ago

    Chuck Norris hit a 900 miles homerun that went 280 miles high. Amazingly
    that home run was actually a check swing, so not a full swing and yet he
    hit it that far.

  • Jim Malven 3 years ago

    It’s too bad we don’t have as good of footage of Babe Ruth hitting home
    runs as these guys. He supposedly hit multiple 600 foot bombs in his

  • Chris Cruise 3 years ago

    Most impressive are the pre-roids era ol timers that hit 500ft bombs 

  • Miguel Fernandez 3 years ago

    I use to hit the ball 690 feet when I was only 12 years old now I only hit
    it 689 feet only cause I am old now lol 

  • pigjubby1 3 years ago

    Sosa, any of the A’s, Bonds are not legit at all.

  • tonyblaise1 3 years ago

    Mickey mantle hit 732 feet I looked at my baseball records book

  • sychophantt 3 years ago

    Glenallen Hill’s was at least 900 feet

  • Mike Lattin 3 years ago

    I think maybe many of these home runs don’t really qualify as the longest
    home runs. For example, Jason Heyward’s first career home run COULDN’T have
    been 478 ft

  • 38ddkelly 3 years ago

    Evidently, “MLB History” is anything over the past twenty years? What about
    Mantle’s 565-foot homer or the bomb Jim Wynn hit at Crosley Field in 1967
    among others?

  • Declan McCollow 3 years ago

    Whats the song at the end

  • TrickShotsAndStuff 3 years ago

    Holy crap 540 feet!??!

  • Jeremiah Joseph 3 years ago

    Did you just make up random measurements? Cause most of them are not even
    close to accurate. Still bombs though.

  • charlie meacham 3 years ago

    are these projected distances cause the farthest home run was at Fenway by
    babe Ruth 525 feet

  • levissfilms 3 years ago

    Holy cow. 600 foot homer at 15:25

  • Branflakes1522 3 years ago

    Where is Ted William’s homerun? It was the longest one hit in Fenway Park>

  • evans johnny 3 years ago

    you forgot the bomb that the mick hit!

  • mariomasv 3 years ago

    HR Derby, and roiders HR are not legit.

  • Brian Longenecker 3 years ago

    Anyone who thinks a baseball has been hit 600 feet is insane.

  • Rob Mockett 3 years ago

    Most gay music I have ever listened to. I had to mute the damn video.

  • Declan McCollow 3 years ago

    One word: Subscribed

  • A.T. Boss 3 years ago

    I’m pretty sure that Mickey Mantle hit one that was 556 ft

  • levissfilms 3 years ago

    I wonder how Ryan Braun hits those bombs -__-

  • Michael Meloche 3 years ago

    Kingman at 14:00 is the best one.