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  • Luke Thomas 4 years ago

    Here’s today’s live chat on +MMA Fighting +MMA Fighting. We talk Anderson
    Silva’s opponents, Vitor Belfort’s future, Adalaide Byrd, UFC 156 and a
    whole lot more.

  • FilthyJFK209 4 years ago

    Here im giving you attention…that is what you wanted right?

  • Zero91Hero 4 years ago

    If you don’t want Violence, I don’t know if Real Housewives of Atlanta is
    the best choice Luke, It has more action then TUF.

  • mma ireland 4 years ago

    taughts on ronda boo boo video

  • shonuffLA 4 years ago

    if you pass out we make jokes and take screen shots

  • DeckardDJUK 4 years ago

    First week I’ve missed it live in months. Just catching up now. Looking
    forward to hearing thoughts on both Bellator and TUF – sure it’ll be good,
    as always

  • austin kretsos 4 years ago

    Your a funny guy Luke… great show as always. Please if you want other
    forms of entertainment to escape from MMA you can do MUCH better than real
    housewives. ShowTime’s “Homeland” , AMC’s :The Walking Dead” , HBO’s
    “Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Newsroom , etc. Also if your a pro
    wrestling fan like myself we have the Road to WrestleMania that begins this
    Sunday on ppv with Royal Rumble. Let me know if your taste’s are similar.
    Thanks again for show….

  • Jesus Rivera 4 years ago

    Real housewives of atlanta???? LMAO what a puss!

  • Peter Anderson 4 years ago

    yeah that’s right you can fuck off out of here – one less retard commenting
    on posts

  • JamezJitsu 4 years ago


  • francisco hernandez 4 years ago

    shes smart

  • FilthyJFK209 4 years ago

    Anderson Silva Vs. Dan Henderson is why i have no hope for Weidman, also
    Weidman couldn’t finish Alessio Sakara while Brian Stann made quick work of
    him. Weidman wont be the one to dethrone Silva don’t believe the hype.

  • ZEPPHISHPELIN6 4 years ago


  • The Machine 4 years ago

    This is boring as fuck. Just one guy talking for a hour straight….

  • PerfectMachine 4 years ago

    haha, I was going to mention how your voice sounds just like Jason Sudekis.

  • SurfboardShredShow 4 years ago

    “Where I talk to you like THIS”. My emotions want every fighter that my
    logic thinks is going to loose to win. Might be a rough night for me.

  • MMAdawgs 4 years ago

    lol you don’t gotta like em to pick em. If they win then they win

  • brett wilkiee 4 years ago

    fuck johnson and texiera

  • JamezJitsu 4 years ago

    yh and its good becuase he knows other mma not just ufc like areil helwani
    that zuffa zombie

  • Romain1212 4 years ago

    @ejackulator No, he’s a man, and it’s hair

  • austin kretsos 4 years ago

    No more MMA Uncensored???? The best shows are never given a chance. Best
    luck on all future television endeavors. The show was great.

  • maxwell wheatcroft 4 years ago

    do you think it’s fair the ufc keep knocking off contenders by putting them
    against people who aren’t in the title mix ie hendricks ellenberger,
    belfort bisping, also thoughts on condit vs macdonald?

  • TheStylishN 4 years ago

    Yo let me join UFC !

  • Erkan Tan 4 years ago

    reply to my question and you’ll get the thumbs up

  • RootinTootinDream 4 years ago

    Love these videos. The more the better.