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  • Avoozl 3 years ago

    Great LP, although I did eventually start to skip parts at times towards
    quite a few of the last videos, otherwise great job especially with the 18
    hole birdie challenge, I drove myself nuts with that one and never managed
    to finish it. You certainly know how to properly use the mechanics in the
    game, I used to only rely on the auto positioning because of lazyness.

  • rcotheRegularShowMan 3 years ago

    I got an albatross on that hole during the Sands Star Classic, and it
    actually was with a chip in from the bunker behind the green because my tee
    shot over shot the green.

  • Squishfield 3 years ago

    This LP was great, you completely rekindled my love for Mario Golf I had
    about 5 years ago, I am truly thankful that I stumbled upon an LP that
    flooded me with memories of this game.

  • blueeyedgirlie249 (JoAnna K) 3 years ago

    And the rivalry has continued. XD XD Gordo shot rolls off the tongue nicer,
    but albatross shot…Kudos. =)

  • lightspeedasH 3 years ago

    A hole in one on a par 5 is a Condor and the ones above that are Ostrich
    and Phoenix, -5 and -6 respectively so congrats SM41! also LOL take that

  • Hb Henbor 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, I meant 4 under par.

  • redragon5000 3 years ago

    …Gordo. =P

  • PelicanDynasty 3 years ago

    The end of a great LP

  • harrison ens 3 years ago

    awesome project shadowmario41. i loved it! XD

  • Julee Owlett 3 years ago

    07:16 what the heck, roll your B word

  • SmashMastr98 3 years ago

    this was good LP to watch SM41. By watching this LP of Awesome and epic
    skill you inspired me to buy this game. I hope your next LP is just as

  • AJNitr0 3 years ago

    Will there be anymore Mario Sports games in the future like Tennis or

  • Brandon Lam 3 years ago

    your good :) i once got an eagle what was sooooo rigged i shot 146 yards
    away using super backspin hoping to get at leaast a birdle instead i got an

  • NintendoblivionX 3 years ago

    You and SlimKirby need to go to a real Golf Course and record yourselves
    playing against each other

  • ShadowMarioXLI 3 years ago

    @ShikanRaider Ah, right! I forgot to include the tree hazard in this video.
    That would have been the main one out of these four I would have liked to
    show off, but I didn’t want to make this video run for too long. Thanks for
    watching this project. I know it’s been going on for quite some time, but I
    hope you enjoyed it! =)

  • InTensity_FeAR 3 years ago

    5:23 oh oh oh crap aw no no awwwwwww pisssssss. rofl lmfao

  • David Ford 3 years ago

    an albatross, by definition is also a double eagle, or 3 under par on a par
    5 course.

  • ledah494 3 years ago

    I bought the game and got shadow mario after watching this lp. It was fun.

  • longyu0203 3 years ago

    SM41 properly is the best LPer except for Slim and Chugga… but you guys
    are great! gordo shoot!

  • Marioh10Webkinz 3 years ago


  • eddypikachu 3 years ago


  • Lebon19 3 years ago

    Jawdrop @ end You’ve got to be f*ing kidding me!

  • Shyguy825 3 years ago

    @ShadowMarioXLI And another thing I can add to Shikan Raiders comment. In
    the character match with luigi on hole 7 where he got I think it was an
    eagle or something like that. It was what would you say “what the hell was

  • Shirdel 3 years ago

    Great job with this LP, SM41! But I thought you said you were going to show
    off the Multiplayer Modes?

  • DTGamer2010 3 years ago

    My mouth is still stuck at awe at the last segment. NICE ALBATROSS THAT