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  • NBA Highlights 4 years ago

    sorry for this bad quality…i dont know why the quality is so bad..

  • Nikola Markovic 4 years ago

    1. Offensive faul by James
    2. Hard faul by Teletovic (propably techical)
    3. LeBron trying to flop
    4. But then, he realise that it was to hard faul to flop for
    5. James getting into Teletovic’s face
    6. And then of course ‘B-easy’ telling LeBron to B-easy

  • armiichouful 4 years ago

    Lebron wasn’t gonna do anything anyway,

  • joel kevin flores 4 years ago

    kirilenko flops (if i am not mistaken

  • SanKa G. 4 years ago

    OMG, King James ?!?!?! B-Easy ?!?! What a bunch of douchebags, I can’t
    fking believe it. This is worse than Metta World Peace. 

  • gcasillas1213 4 years ago

    Ironic how no one talks about the big ol flop lebron was about to serve on
    that hug. He was gonna toss himself but decided to act up instead. 

  • Sinan Selimovic 4 years ago

    Razjebo bi ga Teletović ko pičku kakvu!

  • Ludwin Destang 4 years ago

    lebron didnt want that problem

  • Chico Del Barrio 4 years ago

    Where’s the fight?

  • oceans19711 4 years ago

    only in basketball is this considered a fight

  • vr120 4 years ago

    hoooold me back

  • Ron Lozano 4 years ago

    I think he got mad cause he got him on the neck a little, that and the fact
    the he’s frustrated that they are losing by a little

  • Berk Cagilci 4 years ago

    Jeff van Gundy is so fucking annoying

  • chainz8 4 years ago

    Maybe James was upset, because if he would’ve jumped to attempt a layup, he
    would’ve been held in a bad way risking an injury.

  • rizzo69ca 4 years ago

    Rihanna reacts pissed off too at 0:50 :) 

  • Wesley Gutierrez 4 years ago

    Hard foul… Seriously? 

  • abelign 4 years ago

    WTF he wears a “KIng James” jersey?! Since when did nicknames translate on
    jerseys now!?

  • Brian Bush 4 years ago

    This is the very reason why I cant stand dis guy. He is as fake and phony
    as they come with all his theatrics. He knows damn well he wasnt going to
    do anything.

  • Akash Patel 4 years ago

    The Heat do not have what it takes to win an NBA title if they cannot beat
    the Nets. They do not have the mental fortitude, guts and resolve to
    overcome late game situations.

  • crazy691ify 4 years ago

    u suck LB

  • Kevin Thompson 4 years ago

    tele just stands their and smiles. He’s seen real war lol… doubt lebron
    would even make him flinch

  • HassyD 'Melo 4 years ago

    Kirilenko’s flop was soo bad. HAHAHAHA. Btw, that wasn’t just any other
    wrap around foul. Look closer, and it was around the neck! Lol, NO ONE is
    supposed to go for the neck. Nba unwritten rule.

  • psaw40 4 years ago

    One of the many reasons Im not a fan of this softy 6’9 275. He stiff arms
    one guy but gets mad at the soft foul. Wouldn’t have lasted playing with
    the bad boy piston days. Had that been someone like Zach Randolph he
    wouldn’t have done nothing smh true chump

  • John Alforja 4 years ago

    Wow,Lebron only tries to fight 1 guy and every hater calls him arrogant
    meanwhile Kobe/Kg/Ibaka fights and they don’t say anytshit o.O

  • Chris Cross 4 years ago

    And Oceans19711. They only said that Lebron got in a fight to get more
    views out of this. It’s just your typical intentional misleading
    advertisement u see every day on TV.