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  • Dion Williams 3 years ago

    Where is chris bosh video of him dropping 32 and 10 ? lmao. Miami heat beat
    the raptors, wizards, and dallas. All with wade. Cavs can’t beat wizards or
    the raptors with their so called “big 3″ it’s funny, lebron looks so
    depressed playing with the cavs. Hilarious. Kinda funny after that
    “homecoming” crap. Not hating though.

  • LeBitch James and Kevin Love are leaving Cleveland next Summer. LeBron is
    not a top 3 player anymore and clearly isn’t a leader. He got shut down by
    DeMarvelous DeRozan and is nothing without his strength and athleticism.

  • Tristan Phoenix 3 years ago

    NBA, whatever. Promote Lebron all you want, but we all know what happened.
    What an amazing comeback by the Raptors! Did you guys see how Raptors
    trailed 18 in Q1 but then took an 18 point lead by Q3. Not only did we go
    on to win by 17 points, we hijacked the Quickens Arena so much they tried
    to play music over the Raptor chants. This was historical. Huge win! Lou
    Williams is the game MVP. We’re now 11-2! #WetheNorth

  • FLASH03 3 years ago

    Lol, Raptor fans took over Ohio tonight. They took over the Q, I’ve never
    seen anything like that. I mean, majority traveled from Canada to Ohio and
    had their own section, how does that happen? LeBron, you should’ve stayed
    here in Miami. I want to ask this to the people who said the Cavs Big 3
    would be better than Miami’s Big 3. Which trio was better?

    (Don’t even type a response because you already know the answer)

  • George Attakora 3 years ago

    Where that bitch +RaptorHater101 I would love to see what shit he says
    about the Raptors… I mean FAPtors in his opinion lmao

  • Proper Chuffed 3 years ago

    Can’t give up 42 FTs and expect to win. Other than that, CLE out-rebounded
    and out-assisted TOR. The team is getting better, you can see it each game.
    LeBron Irving and Love could probably win games right now with heroball but
    it hurts team chemistry and won’t win rings in the long run. Shoulda kept
    Wiggins tho. 

  • dolphinfootball23 3 years ago

    LeBron with the sick play’s in the first quarter. After that LeBron didn’t
    give a fuck. 15 points with 1 rebound? LeBron doesn’t give a fuck right now
    or he’s trying to prove a point that he wants Love and everybody to step
    up, either way the Cavs. aren’t gonna win if LeBron scores 15. He needs to
    be a better leader.

  • Yaknow WhatIming 3 years ago

    O god, dolphinfootball23 is at it again everybody!!!!!!!! Take cover from
    this mentally retarded person, he’s bad and doesn’t belong in the comment

  • colenbrak 3 years ago


  • Frank Jr 3 years ago

    No raptors highlights tho?.

  • The NBA back office was like. Shit our poster child just lost the game what
    should we do! I know up load 2 shit fame highlights of them and ignore the
    fact raps came back from 18 down and almost won by 20. Classic NBA
    marketing… This ain’t the 90s no more. Go fool pplz that don’t watch the

  • Evil LeBron 3 years ago

    “Real talk! The Cavs are trash. Play some damn defense. I can’t stand
    seeing myself looking like this but I love the fact that Cavs fans are
    suffering.” – Evil LeBron

  • RaptorHater101 3 years ago

    “They say what goes up, must come down but don’t let me fall” 

  • rcinglad 3 years ago

    Raptors fans so happy actiing like they won a championship after LeBron let
    u guys win cuz he felt sorry for ur shitty franchise, y’all lost to the
    Nets in the first round last year as a higher seed and will lose again this

  • Kevern Hoilett 3 years ago

    All im hearing is that Lebron wasnt trying
    He didnt have a good game
    He was not interested.
    So why he never play bulldozer offense and took over the game then ?

  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth 3 years ago

    LOL +dolphinfootball23 alwaysss looking for excuses to back up LeBron. “He
    quit trying wahhh!” NIGGA YOU ARE DUMB LOL! You think LeBron is just going
    to give up in a game? Fucking moron. This team is over hyped and LeBron is
    on the decline. See ya later Brownsfootball23

  • CWill014 3 years ago

    once again, NBA on his dick even though his team lost and he played like
    crap… cmon this is why everybody hates him

  • TiDe Bleach 3 years ago

    Raptors fan should realize the knicks beat the cavs. THE KNICKS

  • Walter White 3 years ago

    RAPTORS WIN!! Raptor fans are amazing! We were louder than Cavs fans and
    took their arena over… we were so loud chanting LETS GO RAPTORS that the
    Cavs tried to play loud music to cover it up and then Cavs fans leaving
    before the game even finished…#wethenorth

  • Illmatic662 3 years ago

    Where’s Cleveland/Lebron is the best in the NBA and the Raptors suck faggot?

    Aka MiamiClevelandFan, Lebron James, or whatever the fuck he calls himself

  • jas68maro 3 years ago

    Everyone knows the defense is lazy as hell in the beginning of the 1st
    quarter. Thats when lebron tries to get all his highlights in when no one
    is playing defense. Then he chokes and loses the game in the 4th quarter
    as usual, of course. lebron clearly pads his stats and highlight reel.
    All he knows is the weakest, easiest way to LOOK like a winner, he doesnt
    actually know shit about real winning in the game of basketball. 

  • Hi Die 3 years ago

    Bucks>>>>>>Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Loll Alright 3 years ago

    Lebron made two people look stupid in one play. Beast

  • FrankoiNHD 3 years ago

    I can’t wait to see the heat beat the cavs in the playoffs.

    That will show how Lebron is overrated.

    People think the heat are done because Lebron is gone? Naw, heat are still
    a playoff team and better than the cavs. 

  • goten256 3 years ago