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  • terminatorf250 4 years ago

    Floyd is scared n a chicken of Manny pacman!!!!!! Floyd is a black bitch to
    a Philippino!!!!!!!

  • kurama042992 4 years ago

    styles man., if he isnt afraid of pac or if pac wasnt as good as canelo why
    did gayweather still refuses to fight pacquiao.??
    so funny man youre a coward as well. heres my dick.suck it u fuckin whore

  • styles man 4 years ago

    You forgot the pound for pound king HEE HEE HEE HEE

  • styles man 4 years ago

    Jealousy is an evil especially with wetbacks like you HEE HEE HEE HEE

  • styles man 4 years ago


  • styles man 4 years ago

    Is pacroid awake?

  • styles man 4 years ago

    I will never respect Manny for getting knocked out like an amateur!!

  • Gustavo Sanchez 4 years ago

    I will NEVER HAVE RESPECT for mayweather until he gets it’s that ring and
    faces manny!

  • demateragie 4 years ago

    myweather is a gay,, be4 drug test &,,the share of money is the excuse,,the
    NEW excuses of mayweather now is manny already been knock out.,& pacman can
    no longer compare to him,,manny is the under dog now why this chicken still
    not fightin pacman ,,if he`s (mayweather) is great why he`s so afraid and
    running out of pacquiao.,,the reason ..mayweather choice opponent ,, a
    fight where he is already the winner,he doesnt choose opponent where the
    agreement is both will fight to death to win,,

  • Ralfy Bebe 4 years ago

    Simply scared of the little BISDAK! LOL.

  • chad justin 4 years ago

    did anyone jerk off to dana?

  • Aquarius Storm 4 years ago

    @charmaine68100 You suck so much dick that when you blow your nose man cum
    comes out. You have sperm cells swimming around in your brain. Your bitch
    mother licks pussy too and she has women rub their pussy’s on her flat chi
    chi chong face.. slapping her like a sex slave hahaha!!! Marquez is gonna
    be 39 YEARS OLD!! what the fuck dont you understand? he said he feels tired
    and wants to retire… if he does fight is because of the money. Who wants
    an apponent like that?

  • charmaine michelle 4 years ago

    @Venus1Star Gay ducked everybody Gay ducked Humberto Soto Gay ducked Edwin
    Valero (when he was alive) Gay ducked Hopkins Gay ducked Margarito Gay
    ducked Tim Bradely Gay ducked Paquiao(verry much) Gay ducked Mosley (when
    Mosley was in the peak of hes career) Gay ducked Cotto Gay ducked Paul
    Williams Gay ducked De La Hoya(the rematch) Gay ducked Kendall Holt Gay
    ducked Nate Campbell Gay ducked Sergio Martinez Gay ducked Sab Judah Gay
    ducked Amir Khan

  • gabz22000 4 years ago

    gayweather fever forever.. the undefeated coward champion..

  • 0margz0 4 years ago

    every calls, pacman agreed but what mayweather does he always give an
    excuses,zero lose is nothing for he isn’t fight with the best compare to 3
    loses who will have the guts to conquer

  • Reuben Ampuan 4 years ago

    You know it will be much less humiliating if Floyd will just say “Im afraid
    of Pacquiao, Im afraid of having a lose on my record, I know that I can’t
    won against him, I have to wait for him to slow down so that I’ll have a
    chance” After Pacquiao’s low performance on Marquez “Step up Punk, were
    ready to go. I know that your’e already past on your prime and now I have
    the chance on beating you” Pacquiao agreed a winner takes 70/30. Even
    agreed to a winner takes all, well see how Floyd reacts :)

  • manutdtc20 4 years ago

    @alan696708 the fuck is your problem, WHY DONT YOU AND BOYFRIEND JUST STFU.
    fucking hell. I swear take this shit some place else you wanker.

  • Martin Luther Gimaras 4 years ago

    what in the hell is Floyd talking about since 2 years ago? Why in hell does
    he not fight and let the test process do its course? Why in hell does he
    not agree with 50/50 split? Why? Because he talked too much and too high of
    himself. He realized its best to keep a clean record and keep the chicken
    to himself by evading the fight. Why? because he’s gonna eat all the scum
    that he has made himself of, battered face and humiliatingly knocked out
    cold. How can he ever face the world after this.

  • Mavrikk 4 years ago

    haha even if manny took steriods they dont do shit, there just hormones
    which build muscle faster when you work out, there not some magic potions
    that make you puch 100x harder, floyd is too scared of manny thats why

  • wherenwhen 4 years ago

    it’s in the water .

  • Jaskaran Sohal 4 years ago

    hahahah pacquaio got outboxed by an oldman they need to discuss that.

  • Moira McLennan 4 years ago

    maymeather is a nigger at the end of the day

  • 06newnew 4 years ago

    always a person calling names.punk ass.

  • boxingfanofthegame 4 years ago

    He didnt get away with it .. hes going to jail

  • Aquarius Storm 4 years ago

    @alan696708 Even Faggy PacRoids fights in the US right? so be like ur
    fucking hero and come to the US to fight me… it will be like Pac vs
    Floyd.. they will never fight in that sack of shit of country you live
    in… with nothing but short monkey looking people all over the place with
    flat faces.