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  • Shawnaldo75 3 years ago

    How much would field-side (where the cheerleaders are) season tickets cost?
    $5 and hour and free season tickets sounds like pretty fucking great pay.

  • matrasman 3 years ago

    To all the people saying that then they shouldn’t have become cheerleaders
    in the first place, I think that’s a kinda weird thing to say as long as
    cheerleader is still some sort of synonym for “hot popular girl”.

  • YunliuStormage Stormage 3 years ago

    $5 per hour average for a year, or $5 per working hour?

  • s4ujcd 3 years ago

    Cheerleaders at NFL games are so superfluous. You can barely see them or
    hear them unless you’re watching from home.

  • Stomach Ache 3 years ago

    these bitches are lucky they are getting $5/hr, i cant even get a job. 

  • Junaid Hassan 3 years ago

    Are you sure they can work out the calculation of $5/hour?
    I mean why are you a cheerleader then?
    Its only justified if that’s your part time job only. 

  • N3bu14Gr4y 3 years ago

    THEY’RE complaining about their jobs? Our economy is in the gutter and we
    pay millions of dollars a year to watch people pass a ball back and forth
    across a field. Granted, one could make the argument that most players and
    cheerleaders might not have much talent outside football, and would be
    leeching off the government otherwise, but instead they’re leeching
    directly off of us! What does a leech do? It releases endorphins to make
    you ignore the fact that your blood is being sucked out of you. The NFL
    does the same, only it relies on our bodies’ own endorphins.

  • Shadowfox young 3 years ago

    I never noticed the cheerleader cause halftime was chow time for me

  • Larry Wolf 3 years ago

    To be fair, this overlooks the obvious.

    Being an NFL cheerleader isn’t a “job,” it’s a prestigious stepping stone
    for models. It’s something someone slaps on their resume as a thing to tout.

    “I was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader!”

    It’s like claiming being grand marshal of the Macy’s Parade is a job. Derp.

  • Benjamin Feest 3 years ago

    Remove the cheerleaders and there’s no change to anything. So if you want
    to cheer, be happy you’re getting paid to do what highschool girls do for

  • Jack Solus 3 years ago

    Cheerleaders are atrocious anyway.

  • WinterXL 3 years ago

    why do cheerleaders even exist? it’s just weird.

  • saultube44 3 years ago

    NFL asshole of the day, comes to mind.

  • Shadowfox young 3 years ago

    I never noticed the cheerleader cause halftime was chow time for me

  • James Logan 3 years ago

    I mean, they’re basically strippers who don’t strip…

  • Kasandra H 3 years ago

    When the footballer crashed into the cheerleader, he just got up and didn’t
    even apologize! Well I think that’s a point to note. X

  • Pale B.E.N. 3 years ago

    5 bucks an hour is below the federal minimum wage, the nfl is fucked if the
    cheerleaders are telling the truth

  • nightlightabcd 3 years ago

    Not to mention that professional sports is a capitalist racket, like the
    Olympics, where the state pays all the expenses and the owners get all the
    profits, but they say that they bring in business for all the sport bars,
    but don’t forget that the Republicans have gotten nus in a tax reduction
    spiral for the wealthy so that they pay less taxes, meaning less government
    revenues. No wonder their player are multi million airs and the owners line
    up to won the teams. What a deal!

  • TJF588 3 years ago

    Five bucks an hour with no benefits? Nooo-ho-ho-HO! I may’ve been subjected
    to some disgusting exposure for Tom Thumb, but aerobics was not in my realm
    of “things that could go very wrong very fast”. Hopefully they at least, at
    LEAST, get workers’ comp.

  • Sarah S 3 years ago

    “Do not overeat bread at a formal setting” – Well, that’s great advice:
    always leave some room for a double portion of desert.

  • camwyn256 3 years ago

    Dude those mascots dress up in a ridiculous suit and do horribly stupid
    things. They deserve to make more than the cheerleaders.

  • MikeDaWulfe 3 years ago

    Yawnnn.. They do make great speed bumps from time to time.

  • Kevin Munguia 3 years ago

    I wanna be a mascot :(

  • Asheley Ward 3 years ago

    Oh, the NFL has cheerleaders…..I only watch football for the big game or
    when someone else is watching football. I hardly see cheerleaders yet I
    don’t know why football teams still have them. Unless it is to sell sex
    appeal to fans or for the athletes to have hot girlfriends or wives or
    something similar to that. They should get a living wage and work in a safe
    place. However, I don’t think the NFL needs cheerleaders since I’m sure
    nobody is tuned in for a sport with too damn many commercials just to see
    beautiful women stand around with pompoms and doing some amount of athletic
    cheer-leading…I don’t know what NFL cheerleaders do since I hardly see

  • MsSmallforest 3 years ago

    I can understand the pay complaint and benefits complaint. I know no one
    likes being told what to do and scrutinized, but their entire job revolves
    around their body. Unless we want to change the definition of being a
    cheerleader, going back to the roots where it was purely for encouragement
    and hype and not about looking good (which I don’t think will happen), then
    shouldn’t they expect a key asset of their job be scrutinized harshly…?