Larson, Dillon touch off wreck in Turn 4

Austin Dillon gets loose in Turn 4 and makes contact with Kyle Larson, setting off a nine-car wreck. For more NASCAR news, check out:
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  • Yusei Fudo 3 years ago

    Unless one can do better and proves he or she can do better than the rookie
    Austin Dillon, then one can speak such a thought. How many of you haters
    watched Earnhardt race. Bump and shuffle you up is how he raced. Yeah
    nobody will ever see another Earnhardt again because bump and run and now
    your a horrible racer come on people think before you speak. 

  • GamingNinja07 3 years ago

    feel bad for larson :(

  • Roy Diedesch 3 years ago

    That dumbass kid needs to sit for a weekend and think about what he did.
    First this then Newman? He’s a joke.

  • GamingGalaxy 3 years ago

    It would’ve been no different if it was dale Earnhardt sr

  • studio2062films 3 years ago

    That 3 car needed to go to the garage. He was a menace after the first

  • Marcus Mar 3 years ago

    That pissed me off so much. Kyle Larson is from my town, I was really
    hoping he could finish in a good position. Sucks that that other “talented”
    rookie ruined his day. Larson has the whole season ahead though, and I’m
    sure the true rookie of the year will be pretty evident as the season plays
    out. Go #42!!! Leave the #3 alone, it died in 2001 with Dale Sr. 

  • DANIEL CAAMAÑO 3 years ago
  • Nathaniel Robinson 3 years ago

    Rookie mistake.

  • Stephen Knight 3 years ago

    Dillion driving like a douche. Guess he deserves that number.

  • GamingGalaxy 3 years ago

    It’s the spirit of dale Earnhardt sr. Bump and run

  • UltimatexInstinct 3 years ago

    I mean austin was three wrecks, two of which he started 

  • Hunter Devine 3 years ago

    Austin Dillon has been spoon fed by his grandfather threw NASCAR he has no
    talent he doesn’t deserve the 3 

  • drybones0904 3 years ago


  • Kevin Shoemaker 3 years ago

    Why would he be punished??? Umm he was lose and barely touched Larson. He
    was lose due to the fact that his car was I’ll handling due to being spun
    by a wreaking #43 car and still finished in 9th place. He’s got talent
    enough said. So shut up Haters or dot watch. Again life is to short to
    bitch about stupid shit thats been going on since NASCAR started. Dont like
    it then dont watch. Nobody want to read or hear bitching comments… get a
    life or grow up.

  • sfkeeyan 3 years ago

    He cause 3 big one. Piece of shit. He was good in the Nationwide, he should
    have stayed there for at least one more year. He is a spoiled little rich
    kid. Dillon is a good drive, but what he did was stupid in the 500.

  • iBlameDaGame 3 years ago


  • weelgunny 3 years ago


  • Who is the Wolf 3 years ago

    “There’s rookie Reed Sorenson” pay attention Mike! 

  • Adam Moreira 3 years ago

    Did Mike Joy say: ROOKIE Reed Sorenson? That’s Kyle Larson! As for Austin
    Dillon – not really his fault—he had the air taken off of his rear bumper
    by Jamie McMurray.

  • ballplayer1799 3 years ago

    Dillon causes multi car wreck and gets no punishment and gets a top 10. Not

  • Kevin Shoemaker 3 years ago

    His car was lose it happens to veterans…so don’t pull the rookie
    excuse..he had the talent to take a I’ll handling car to a 9th pace
    Finnish. Show some respect Haters or just don’t watch. Life is to short to
    be bitching about stupid shit.

  • Blake Hooton 3 years ago

    Austin Did The Same Little Bit Like Mark Martin.

  • NCRR guys 3 years ago

    Yeah? He caused two Wrecks? 1st he was loose but 2nd Rookie Mistake !