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  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    I wonder what James was thinking when he barely misses Larson coming down
    and then sees his cousin just behind him get clobbered.

  • barneynward 3 years ago

    I was really hoping Chris Buescher would’ve won that race, he had one of
    the best cars on the track until that crash.

  • Pitwall Productions 3 years ago

    Larson, Buescher involved in Lap 89 crash – YouTube http://buff.ly/1xS6QKm

  • StandoffSiren02 3 years ago

    Poor Kyle. He wrecked his car, and that’s terrible. But it’s okay to wreck
    Buescher. At least Blaney apologised for it at Bristol.

  • Julio Cezar Kronbauer 3 years ago

    #NASCAR 2014 Nationwide Series at Kansas Kyle Larson spins on Lap 89, hits
    Chris Buescher http://youtu.be/GbS1ha0beQ0

  • Eric Gambrel 3 years ago

    It took Larson almost 2 full years in NASCAR to actually cause a wreck
    himself. Impressive being a rookie and all.

  • Quasimoto7 3 years ago

    Man, I know there shouldn’t be cup guys running in this series, but kyle is
    practicing to become a cup championship. Honestly, unless if you are a cup
    rookie, do not run in this series. Harvick, keselowski, and kyle Busch
    shouldn’t be here along with all the others that I don’t care about, but
    those I mentioned are the main 3