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  • boypula 3 years ago

    every body talks about lebrons hair line, kobe’s is like wayy waayy more up

  • Brad C 3 years ago

    Kobe is one cool Kat! He takes MJ in an interview anyday lol. I personally
    see him and Jordan as basically clones on the court and the level of
    competiveness…..could be big things in store this season…..surprises
    are nice!

  • Edwin Lukenda 3 years ago

    Not a laker fan but happy to see kobe coming back healthy 

  • alfons barron 3 years ago

    This Shit looks the same! I don’t see any changes in the 5v5! They hyped
    you niggas up with them wack ass gimmicks , but the core is still the same.
    A $20 game!

  • thekiddsean330 3 years ago

    Kobe lost a lot of weight from last season can’t wait till this season kobe
    going to ball out this year let’s go Lakers

  • Sanjay Kulkarni 3 years ago

    lakers have some potential and can surprise lot of folks as there are just
    one too many incomplete teams on both sides of the aisle. The atrocious
    lack of defense on the west teams barring the spurs and the lack of offense
    on the east teams gives opportunity for lakers to sneak inn here! boozer
    with kobe, lin with nash and kobe are some seriously good combo!

  • Otokai Uchiha 3 years ago

    Jeremy Lin better go big

  • originaldpj 3 years ago

    “yeaa kobe gonna be nice to take tis last ride with you” why do all these
    reporters want to end kobes career? he could probably still play another 6
    years if he wanted

  • egpytiankobe 3 years ago

    Why does Kobe sound like Grant Hill to me in this interview? Lol

  • Melvin Ignao 3 years ago

    Just admit it is over Kobe urbjust MJ slut
    You will never beat the record of the Greatest of All Time MJ
    6-0 FINALS 6 MVP how many times kobe went to finals n how many lose he got
    problem to him pride ego selfishness

  • deadredghosts 3 years ago

    Looking forward to some basketball games. No matter what, Lakers!

  • ej lorbes 3 years ago

    Of course he knows j.lin . Men . Come on. He says that bcuz. This is the
    first they meet in court as a team men. Zzzzzzz. 

  • Charles Tree 3 years ago

    Yo. Bring back the Lakers to KCAL 9, us poor people are the good luck charm
    for the Lakers!

  • LU29UN99 3 years ago

    To Kobe, do you know who is Jeremy Lin now or then…??
    Be nice & respect him….

  • Hanz C 3 years ago

    just need to sneak into the playoffs and it will be a successful season

  • mikeybears 3 years ago

    Im still pissed kobe didnt come to chi

  • Grant Moore 3 years ago

    Kobe gon shock the world!

  • egpytiankobe 3 years ago

    Arash Markazi’s fat behind in the background. Lol

  • DANO 69 3 years ago

    darude – sandstorm

  • hsieh allen 3 years ago

    Matured mind Kobe 

  • Master J.D 3 years ago

    kobe is gonna be great season